Italy: Mahmood reconsidering Eurovision 2019 participation

Italy: Mahmood reconsidering Eurovision 2019 participation

Although after his victory at Sanremo Festival 2019, during the presss conference he confirmed that he will represent Italy in Tel Aviv, Mahmood is publicly thinking over again if he  will eventually represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Foto Matteo Rasero/LaPresse 09 Febbraio 2019 Sanremo, Italia Spettacolo Festival di Sanremo 2019, serata finale Nella foto: Mahmood - Soldi, vince il Festival di Sanremo 2019 Photo Matteo Rasero/LaPresse February 09th, 2019 Sanremo, Italy Entertainment Sanremo music festival 2019, final night In the photo: Mahmood - Soldi, wins Festival di Sanremo 2019
Foto Matteo Rasero/LaPresse

Mahmood, who stated after he won Sanremo 2019, that he would represent Italy in Tel Aviv, has now openly said that he is thinking over the whole issue and whether he will go to Israel to participate in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest. 

Mahmood stated to La Stampa that he is not sure about participating in Eurovision:

We must understand better. We have seen how much work entails and we must understand well.

Speaking to  Radio DeeJay, he elaborated on his thoughs by saying:

Since the victory was a bit unexpected we have not yet put our heads on the Eurovision theme because we are still organizing the last things, but surely we will think about it in the next days. In any case, I would go with “Soldi” anyway.

However the winner of Sanremo 2019, will meet with  with Rai’s officials on order to discuss about the whole project and which preparations are neccessary and his obligations. 

Source: Eurofestival News

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