Italy: Mahmood releases new song “Eternantena” reflecting the country’s dramatic circumstances due to the coronavirus

Italy: Mahmood releases new song  “Eternantena” reflecting the country’s dramatic circumstances due to the coronavirus

Italy is one of the countries hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak as the country is in a total lockdown in order to combat the pandemic. Mahmood, the Italian Eurovision 2019 representative, has released his new song, “Eternantena”, which conveys all the frustration, the anxiety and pain the citizens are going through indoors.

As Italy is giving its battle against the coronavirus pandemic, Mahmood releases his new work which is entirely inspired by the anxious and painful situation people and himself are facing these current times. The song is titled, “Eternantena”. 

The lyrics flow like a stream of consciousness expressing the frustration and the pain the artist is going through during this period of lockdown in Italy. He is gathering his thoughts trying to cope with the situation; when the beat drops he is describing what he sees outside and what he feels being locked down in the house and the sense of paranoia and alienation that comes with it.

The Italian act himself states under the official music video of his new song:

“Sometimes it is only in silence that we remember who we are and what we want to become. This period is giving us the opportunity to be all united for a single goal. Every day I read your messages full of support and encouragement and to thank you I decided to give you a small gift. This is my first unreleased social media, as a gift to everyone. “

Mahmood in Eurovision

In December of  2018 Mahmood won Sanremo Giovani  2018 with the entry Gioventù Bruciata , victory that secured him a spot in Sanremo festival 2019 which he also won with his song  “Soldi” , earning the right to represent the country at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. At Eurovision 2019 in Israel, Mahmood almost reached the top finishing in 2nd place just behind The Netherlands represented by Duncan. In December 2019 tha Italian act won the INFEVision Video Contest 2019 with his song “Barrio” while the music video of his Eurovision 2019 entry has reached more than 153 million views.

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