Italy: On the way to the San Remo’s grand final

Italy: On the way to the San Remo’s grand final

Tonight, Italian  historic song festival,San Remo, with the grand finale, is over. Europe’s musical lights will fall into the small city of Liguria and Teatro Ariston.

20 Campioni artists will perform for the fourth and last time their participation and through a multiple vote system will havethe winner. The final result will be judged by the different votes of the public, a committee of 300 fans, the press committee and the committee of experts.

Yesterday, this category’s contestants, performed for the third time their performances in duets this time, while we also had the final of the Nuove Proposte category.

As far as the “Nuove Proposte” final concerns,the eight candidates in this category had been interpreting their entries for the second time. The vote yesterday in both categories differs from the previous three nights. The television audience had 50% of the current score, 30% was again the press committee, while the remaining 20% belonged to the expert committee, which voted for the first time yesterday.

The Nuove proposte category candidates were:

  • Lorenzo Baglioni – Il congiuntivo
  • Giulia Casieri – Come on
  • Mirkoeilcane – Stiamo tutti bene
  • Alice Caioli – Specchi rotti
  • Mudimbi – Il mago
  • Eva – Cosa ti salvera
  • Ultimo – Il ballo delle incertezze
  • Leonardo Monteiro – Bianca

After the triple vote, but also after the vote of their first appearance, the winner of the category of young artists in Sanremo 2018 was Ultimo with the song “Il Ballo Delle Incertezze”. Mirkoeilcane was the second and  Mudimbi the third one.

In the Campioni category, we saw the  20 contestants interpreting their entries in a duet with other well-known Italian artists. Yesterday’s  vote will count towards the final score tonight  for the top 3 of the festival, which will go to the final round of highlighting the big winner.

While the duets in Sanremo had been eliminated in recent years and replaced by the cover night, Claudio Baglioni re-introduced them.

Among those who were invited to sing along with the 20 Campioni were several older fans of the festival, such as Alice, Arisa, Michele Bravi, Paola Turci, Giusy Ferreri, Marco Masini, Sergio Cammariere, Neri per Caso and Simone Cristicchi.

The vote was as in Nuove Proposte. 50% to the public, 30% to the press and 20% to the expert committee.

The duets were:

  • Renzo Rubino with Serena Rossi – Custodire
  • Le Vibrazioni with Skin – Così sbagliato
  • Noemi with Paola Turci – Non smettere mai di cercarmi
  • Mario Biondi with Ana Carolina and Daniel Jobim – Rivederti
  • Annalisa with Michele Bravi – Il mondo prima di te
  • Lo Stato Sociale with Paolo Rossi και il Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano – Una vita in vacanza
  • Max Gazzè with Rita Marcotulli και Roberto Gatto – La leggenda di Cristalda e Pizzomunno
  • The Kolors with Tullio De Piscopo και Enrico Nigiotti – Frida (Mai mai mai)
  • Ornella Vanoni, Bungaro & Pacifico with Alessandro Preziosi – Bisogna imparare ad amarsi
  • Diodato και Roy Paci with Ghemon – Adesso
  • Roby Facchinetti & Riccardo Fogli with Giusy Ferreri – Il segreto del tempo
  • Enzo Avitabile και Peppe Servillo with gli Avion Travel και Daby Touré – Il coraggio di ogni giorno
  • Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro with Simone Cristicchi – Non mi avete fatto niente
  • Giovanni Caccamo with Arisa – Eterno
  • Ron with Alice – Almeno pensami
  • Red Canzian with Marco Masini – Ognuno ha il suo racconto
  • Decibel with Midge Ure – Lettera dal Duca
  • Luca Barbarossa with Anna Foglietta – Passame er sale
  • Nina Zilli with Sergio Cammariere – Senza appartenere
  • Elio e le Storie Tese with i Neri per Caso – Arrivedorci

Regarding the results,the vote of yesterday’s evening as we told you was: 50% televoting, 30% press committee and 20% expert committee. The votes of this evening will be offset by the votes of previous nights for the final results.

The organizers did not give us the results of the triple vote, which will be resumed tonight, but only the results of the panel of experts:

Blue Zone: Max Gazzè – Luca Barbarossa – Giovanni Caccamo – Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro – Ron – Vanoni – Diodato e Roy Paci

Yellow Belt: Le vibrazioni – Annalisa – The Kolors – Enzo Avitabile with Peppe Servillo – Red Canzian – Lo Stato Sociale

Red Zone: Decibel – Roby Facchinetti and Riccardo Fogli – Noemi – Renzo Rubino – Mario Biondi – Elio e le Storie Tese – Nina Zilli

* The blue zone is what preceded the score, in the yellow one is in the middle and in the red ones are missing

Max Gazze, Ermal Meta & Frabrizio Moro and Ron were in the blue zone for the third time and  now they are the favorittes to win. Shortly afterwards, Lo Stato Sociale and Ornella Vanoni have two appearances in the blue and one in the yellow.

Talking about the predictions of the big winner, since the announcement of the high-profile candidates last December, the first bet has not changed. The duo of Ermal Moto & Fabrizio Moro, with their socio-political song, Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente, is in the top of bets.

After them, we have been differentiated, with Lo Stato Sociale in second place despite the fact that they were in the yellow zone in the jury vote on yesterday’s fourth night.

Third is Ron, who in all his appearances was in the pre-voting poll. It is not expected to be so high in the public voting and this is a big drawback for him. Max Gazze, The Kolors and Annalisa, who form the second group, who are far from the lead but have a betting distance from the lower ones, are at a distance.

Here is the table of bet: 



The winner of the Sanremo 2018 will be able to represent Italy at Eurovision 2018 if he desires so. In the case of a refusal, RAI has the right to choose any other competitor who wishes.

You can watch the final of the Sanremo 2018 live by RAI1 or online through the official RAI website on 20:40 CET.


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