Italy: Quarantined citizens make some noise on the streets with Diodato’s Eurovision 2020 entry

Italy: Quarantined citizens make some noise on the streets with Diodato’s Eurovision 2020 entry

Italians are making some noise aiming to break the silence, that the national shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak has brought upon the Italian cities with all citizens behind doors.

Italy is one of the countries hit hard by the coronavrius outbreak, forcing the goverment to introduce a national wide lockdown in order to contain the virus, establishing a silence across cities and streets. As the Italian have been quarantined indoors the last week, the silence established from this situation is certainly something that doesn’t fit italian’s temperament.

Thus, the difficult circumstances haven’t discourage some Italians to break the silence and make some noise through music and singing. Videos on YouTube and Instagram recently show Italians playing Diodato’s Eurovision entry, Fai Rumore, from balconies and windows. The song’s lyrics seem to fit the situation as this unnatural silence is something quarantined peole can’t stand between them and are trying to make some noise in order to bring themselves up.

But you make noise, yes
and I can’t stand
this unnatural silence between you and me

Ma fai rumore, sì
che non lo posso sopportare
questo silenzio innaturale tra me e te

Many people have been sharing videos on their stories with the Diodato’s song interrupting the streets’ silence :

Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.

Anche se con la voce strozzata dalla tristezza alle 18 in punto ero sul balcone! #flashmobsonoro #oria #viaannibale #fairumore #diodatomusic #andràtuttobene #lamusicanonsiferma

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Nadia Martina (@nadja.martina) στις


Diodato won the Sanremo Festival 2020 last month with the song “Fai Rumore” and will be representing Italy at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest In Rotterdam .



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