Italy: Sanremo 2019 changes announced;Rai to launch new “Sanremo Giovani” music festival

Italy: Sanremo 2019 changes announced;Rai to launch new “Sanremo Giovani” music festival

The Italian national broadcaster RAI has announced through an official statement the general aspect of rules concerning next year’s 69th edition of the Sanremo festival.

According to the new rules, the pattern of the two competing categories , that of “Big” and “Nuove proposte” acts , will not be followed again, as from next year’s edition all artists will compete in one unified group of contestants. In the previous years the artists competed in two categories , one for the established artists (Big Category) and one for the newer artists (Nuove proposte). Last year, the winner of the “Nuove Proposte” category was Ultimo with Il ballo delle incertezze

However, RAI has made plans for a  new music festival entitled  “Sanremo Giovani” (Young Sanremo) which will be held for a week in December 2018 and will be aired by RAI 1 .This new event will give the chance to young acts, under the age of 36, to compete and battle for two spots in the  Festival di Sanremo 2019.This progressive reform of the festival has been introduced under the blessings of the festival’s artistic director Claudio Baglioni and its objective is to give the opportunity to even more new Italian performers to get on the spotlight.

The new music festival Sanremo Giovani will include a total of 24 artists. A serial of four preliminary episodes will give the chance to the competing acts to introduce themselves and perform their songs to the Italian audience. The final of the contest will be held over two evenings, while the final two winners will be announced on the 20 and 21st of December 2018.

The Sanremo Festival 2019 is scheduled to take place from the 5th till the 9th February 2019. The latest years the winner of the festival had the right to represent the country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, maintaining the right to refuse such proposal. In that case it was RAI’s responsibility to quest and find the next appropriate artist.

In this year’s Eurovision Song Contest the winners of Sanremo 2018 ,Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, represented Italy in Eurovision in Lisbon with their song “Non mi avete fatto niente”. The Italian duo achieved an honorable 5th place in the Grand final with 308 points and a remarkable 3rd placing in the public voting.

source: Eurofestival Italia

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