Italy: Sanremo 2019 second night song performances and results

Italy: Sanremo 2019 second night song performances and results

The 69th edition of “Festival di Sanremo” continued this evening with the 2nd show of the competition during which 12 artists out of 24 competing acts performed their entries for a second time on stage. 

On the following list you can check out all the song performances of the second night of the festival:

Achille Lauro – “Rolls Royce” 
Einar – “Parole nuove”
Il Volo – “Musica che resta” 
Arisa – “Mi sento bene” 
Nek – “Mi farò trovare pronto” 
Daniele Silvestri – “Argentovivo” 
Ex-Otago – “Solo una canzone” 
Ghemon – “Rose viola” 
Loredana Bertè –Cosa ti aspetti da me
Paola Turci – “L’ultimo ostacolo” 
Negrita – “I ragazzi stanno bene” 
Federica Carta & Shade – “Senza farlo apposta”


This evening’s show took place at Teatro Ariston in Sanremo and for a second consecutive year “Festival di Sanremo 2019” was hosted by Claudio Baglioni, who is also the competition’s artistic director, Claudio Bisio and Virginia Raffaele. Among this evening’s guest was Marco Mengoni who represented Italy in Eurovision 2013 with his song L’Essenziale that came 7th

Tonight’s results were determined 40% by televoting , 30% by a demoscopic jury (composed of a sample of 300 music fans) and the remaining 30% by the jury of the accredited press that watched the show from the Roof Hall of Teatro Ariston.


Below you can take a look at first night’s results , according which the competing acts have been split up in three colored categories. In the Blue color category are the acts in the first 4 places of the scoreboard, in the Yellow category are the next 4 acts  and in the Red color category are the 4 acts with the less points after the second night of the show. 




As we can see the 2nd show of Sanremo festival had some surprises on the scoreboard as first night’s Blue category acts , Il Volo and Nek saw themselves drop in the Yellow group and Red group of artists respectively. On the other hand, Loredana Bertè and Daniele Silvestri managed to hang in the Blue Category with Arisa and surprisingly Achille Lauro climbing up and joining them in the top category of the scoreboard. 

The Festival will run its third night tomorrow with the next set of 12 acts performing their entries for a second time in the competition.

Angelo D.

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