Italy: Sanremo 2019 third night song performances and results

Italy: Sanremo 2019 third night song performances and results

The 69th edition of “Festival di Sanremo” continued this evening with the 3rd show of the competition during which it was time for the second set of  12 artists, after yesterday second night’s 12 competing acts, to perform their entries for a second time on stage. 

On the following list you can check out all the song performances of the third night of the festival:

  1. Mahmood – Soldi
  2. Enrico Nigiotti – Nonno Hollywood
  3. Anna Tatangelo – Le nostre anime di notte
  4. Ultimo – I tuoi particolari
  5. Francesco Renga – Aspetto che torni
  6. Irama – La ragazza col cuore di latta
  7. Patty Pravo feat. Briga – Un po’ come la vita
  8. Simone Cristicchi – Abbi cura di me
  9. Boomdabash – Per un milione
  10. Motta – Dov’è l’Italia
  11. Zen Circus – L’amore è un dittatura
  12. Nino D’Angelo & Livio Cori – Un’altra luce

This evening’s show took place at Teatro Ariston in Sanremo and for a second consecutive year “Festival di Sanremo 2019” was hosted by Claudio Baglioni, who is also the competition’s artistic director, Claudio Bisio and Virginia Raffaele.

Tonight’s results were determined 40% by televoting , 30% by a demoscopic jury (composed of a sample of 300 music fans) and the remaining 30% by the jury of the accredited press that watched the show from the Roof Hall of Teatro Ariston.


Below you can take a look at first night’s results , according which the competing acts have been split up in three colored categories. In the Blue color category are the acts in the first 4 places of the scoreboard, in the Yellow category are the next 4 acts  and in the Red color category are the 4 acts with the less points after the second night of the show. 




As we can notice in tonight’s results  IramaUltimo and Simone Cristicchi remain in the blue category after their second performance confirming their title as favorites while it came as a surprise Mahmood climbing from the bottom four to the first four places.  

The festival will continue to unfold with tomorrow’s show during which all 24 contestants will take the stage to perform their songs alongside with guest performers. From tomorrow’s show the voting format changes, as the public voting’s share rises to 50%, the press jury’s remains 30%  while the demoscopic jury (composed of a sample of 300 music fans) is replaced by an experts jury with a 20% share on the results. 

The 4th night’s collaborations we will see on Teatro Ariston stage are:

Achille Lauro – Morgan
Anna Tatangelo – Syria
Arisa – Tony Hadley and Kataklò
Boomdabash – Rocco Hunt and Musici Cantori di Milano
Daniele Silvestri – Manuel Agnelli
Einar – Biondo and Sergio Sylvestre
Enrico Nigiotti – Paolo Jannacci and Massimo Ottoni
Ex-Otago – Jack Savoretti
Federica Carta and Shade – Cristina D’Avena
Francesco Renga – Bungaro and Eleonora Abbagnato
Ghemon – Diodato and Calibro 35
Il Volo – Alessandro Quarta
Irama – Noemi
Loredana Bertè – Irene Grandi
Mahmood – Gué Pequeno
Motta – Nada
Negrita – Enrico Ruggeri and Roy Paci
Nek – Neri Marcorè
Nino D’Angelo and Livio Cori – Sottotono
Paola Turci – Giuseppe Fiorello
Patty Pravo feat. Briga – Giovanni Caccamo
Simone Cristicchi – Ermal Meta
Ultimo – Fabrizio Moro
Zen Circus – Brunori Sas

Notable that last year’s Italian representatives in Lisbon  Ermal Meta Fabrizio Moro will be back on stage as opponents as the first one will be singing with  Simone Cristicchi while the second with Ultimo.

What do you think of third night’s results of Sanremo 2019? Is there a clear favorite for this year’s festival?

Angelo D.

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