Italy: The demoscopic jury ranking of Sanremo festival 2020 first night’s show

Italy: The demoscopic jury ranking of Sanremo festival 2020 first night’s show

The long-awaited First Evening of the Sanremo 2020 Festival ended  in which the first 12 of the 24 acts in the “Campioni” category of the competition, and 4 of the 8 ”  Nuove Proposte” category performed on stage. 


The event which traditionally takes place at Teatro Ariston, opened with the 4 acts from the “Nuove Proposte” (New proposals) category, which competed in duels. From each duel the winner determined by the demoscopic jury qualified to the next round  The competing act and duels were:


  1. Eugenio in Via Di Gioia –Tsunami 49,4%
  2. Tecla Insolia 8 Marzo    50,6%


  1.  Fadi –Due noi 46,0%
  2.  Leo Gassmann Vai bene così 54,0%

Therefore Tecla Insolia and Leo Gassman were the winners in these first two duels.


The first 12 of the 24 acts in the “Campioni” category of the competition followed with their live performances which you can watch by clikcking  the following links next to the competing acts’names:

  1.  Irene Grandi – Finalmente io
  2.  Marco Masini –  Il confronto
  3.  Rita Pavone – Niente (Resilienza 74)
  4.  Achille Lauro –  Me ne frego
  5.  Diodato –  Fai rumore
  6.  Le Vibrazioni –  Dov’è
  7.  Anastasio –  Rosso Di rabbia
  8.  Elodie –  Andromeda
  9.  Bugo e Morgan – Sincero
  10.  Alberto Urso – Il sole ad est
  11.  Riki – Lo sappiamo entrambi
  12.  Raphael Gualazzi – Carioca

The first night of Saremo festivsl 2020 saw popular names of the Italian music industry on stage as guest , such as Tiziano Ferro and Al Bano & Romina Power.  At the end of the evening, the conductor, Amadeus , communicated the ranking of the 12 champions obtained from the votes of the demoscopic jury

The demoscopic jury consists of 300 fans that have the chance to vote from their home via an electronic online system powered by Ipsos. In the following board you can see the ranking of the first day according to the demoscopic jury.  Each days rankings will be added up all together in order on the last day to determine the top 3 acts who will go in a Super final round from which the final winner will be voted.

Artist Song   Position based on the demoscopic jury
Le Vibrazioni Dov’è  1
Elodie Andromeda  2
Irene Grandi Finalmente io  3
Diodato Fai rumore  4
Marco Masini Il confronto  5
Alberto Urso Il sole ad est  6
Raphael Gualazzi Carioca  7
Anastasio Rosso di rabbia  8
Achille Lauro Me ne frego  9
Rita Pavone Niente (Resilienza 74)  10
Riki Lo sappiamo entrambi  11
Bugo e Morgan Sincero  12

Tomorrow evening follows the second set of 12 acts in the Campioni category.

Angelo D.

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