Italy : the results of the first night of San Remo.

Italy : the results of the first night of San Remo.

La Prima Serata of the 68th Sanremo Festival finished some minutes ago. This year we will not have exclusions, as the new artistic director of the festival, Claudio Baglioni, has found a very smart way to keep us, the viewers, interested all the way of the five “nights” of the San Remo festival. So in every “nights” of the show we can see an indication of the results, with the contestants divided into three categories. Those who are ahead of the vote, those in the middle and those who are lower.

Tonight, the first show out of five, besides the presentation of the songs of the 20 Campioni, we also had brilliant guests, those of  Fiorello, Gianni Morandi and Tommaso Paradiso who made the premiere of this year’s festival even more bright. Unfortunately, although it was announced that Laura Pausini would be present at the Teatro Ariston today, she was unable to do so because of a pharyngitis that was terrible, so we only heard her via phone.

The main presenter of tonight’s show was the artistic director of the 68th Sanremo Festival Claudio Baglioni together with Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino who will be also presenters of the rest of the “nights”.


As for the songs, we had the opportunity to hear for the first time the entries of the 20 artists that compete in the big category and those were :

Annalisa – Il mondo prima di te


Ron – Almeno pensami


The Kolors – Frida


Max Gazzè – La leggenda di Cristalda e Pizzomunno


Ornela Vanoni-Bungaro-Pacifico – Imparare ad amarsi


Ermal Meta-Fabrizio Moro – Non mi avete fatto niente


Mario Biondi – Rivederti


Roby Facchinetti-Riccardo Fogli – Il segreto del tempoLo Stato Sociale 


Lo Stato Sociale – Una vita in vacanza


Noemi – Non smettere mai di cercarmi


Decibel – Lettera dal duca


Elio e le storie tese – Arrivedorci


Giovanni Caccamo – Eterno


Red Canzian – Ognuno ha il suo racconto


Luca Barbarossa – Passame er sale


Diodato e Roy Paci – Adesso


Nina Zilli – Senza appartenere


Renzo Rubino – Custodire


Enzo Avitabile e Peppe Servillo – Il coraggio di ogni giorno


Le Vibrazioni – Così sbagliato


The results were judged by 40% by the public, 30% by accredited journalists watching the competition on the roof of Teatro Ariston and 30% by the polling committee consisting of 300 fans across the country, who voted from their houses in an electronic way.

The organizers did not give us the results of the triple vote for tonight but only the results of the polling commission. In the two “nights” that follow this will be repeated. The results of tonight are :

In the blue colour are the songs that preceded in the score, the yellow one are those in the middle and in the red one are the ones with low scoring.




The Sanremo 2018 continues tomorrow at 21.45 with La Seconda Serata. Stay tuned…


Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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