The Italian Eurovision Story so far

Italy has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 45 times since its debut appearance back in 1956.  After  staying out of the competiton for a preiod of 14 years, from 1998, in 2011 the Italian team got back on board. Italy has won the contest twice  in 1964 with Gigliola Cinquetti and her song “Non ho l’età”. while it second trophy came  in 1990 with Toto Cutugno and the song “Insieme: 1992”.

Since its come back in 2011 tha nation has achieved some remarkable results finishing in the top ten in seven cases of the last eight contests (2011–2019), with Raphael Gualazzi second in 2011, Nina Zilli ninth in 2012, Marco Mengoni seventh in 2013 and Il Volo third in 2015, Francesco Ghabbani 6th in Kiev. In 2018  the winners of Sanremo 2018 ,Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, represented Italy in Eurovision in Lisbon with their song “Non mi avete fatto niente”. The Italian duo achieved an honorable 5th place in the Grand final with 308 points and a remarkable 3rd placing in the public voting.

In 2019 , Mahmood, winner of Sanremo 2019 represented the country in Tel Aviv with his entry Soldi. The Italian representative addes one more good result for the country achieving a 2nd place in the Grand Final.

This year Diodato might have won the Sanremo festival with ‘Fai Rumore’ but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to perform in Rotterdam as the contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Lets remember Diodato’s stunning performance of ‘Fai Rumore’ in Arena di Verona broadcasted during the alternative show “Europe Shine A Light” last May: