Italy: Tonight the grand final of Sanremo Festival 2020

Italy: Tonight the grand final of Sanremo Festival 2020

This evening the final of the seventieth edition of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival will take place , determining the act from the Campioni category who will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 which will take place in Rotterdam next May.

Diletta Leotta , Sabrina Salerno and Francesca Sofia Novello will return to support the host team alongside with Amadeus tonight . Addtionally, Mara Venier will also be present on stage .

All the 23 acts in the Campioni Category (after the disqualification of  Bugo&Morgan) will perform their entries, with a mixed voting system vote:Namely,  Demoscopic Jury (33%), Press Jury, TV, Radio and Web (33%) and Televoto (34%) will determine tonight’s  outcome . The average of the votes of the fifth evening and those of the previous four evenings will form a new provisional ranking. The first three top acts will through a new voting round, from zero bases always with the same mixed system.

The song with the highest overall vote percentage obtained in the last vote will win the Campioni category section of the Sanremo 2020 Festival ans will have the opportunity to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Here is the running order of the tonight’s final show:

  1. Michele Zarrilo – “In the ecstasy or in the mud”
  2. Elodie – “Andromeda”
  3. Enrico Nigiotti – “Kiss me now”
  4. Irene Grandi – “Finally I”
  5. Alberto Urso – “The sun to the east”
  6. Diodato – “Make noise”
  7. Marco Masini – “The confrontation”
  8. Piero Pelù – “Giant”
  9. Levante – “Tikibombom”
  10. Achille Lauro – “I don’t care”
  11. Nuclear Tactical Penguins – “Ringo Starr”
  12. Junior Cally – “No thanks”
  13. Tosca – “I loved everything”
  14. The Vibrations – “Where is it”
  15. Raphael Gualazzi – “Carioca”
  16. Francesco Gabbani – “Viceversa”
  17. Rita Pavone – “Nothing (Resilience 74)”
  18. Anastasio – “Red with anger”
  19. Riki – “We both know”
  20. Giordana Angi – “Like my mother”
  21. Paolo Jannacci – “I want to talk to you now”
  22. Elettra Lamborghini – “Music (And the rest disappears)”
  23. Grudge – “Eden”

Tiziano Ferro will perform  “At my age” and  a medley with “Don’t explain it to me” , “And I was very happy” , “To say hello” . Guests of the evening, in addition to Fiorello , will be Vittorio Grigolo , Wilma De Angelis , Contini , Edoardo Pesce

The Grand final show of Sanremo will begin at 20:45 CET and you can watch it HERE

Angelo D.

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