Italy: Unexpected reversal in Sanremo festival

Italy: Unexpected reversal in Sanremo festival

Just a little before the second night  of the festival, a sudden reversal triggers the calm waters of the event. The organizers of the festival, in agreement with the artistic director of the organization, Claudio Baglioni, decided to suspend the duo Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro.

The artists were to appear again today after their debut yesterday at the opening of the festival but this decision of the organizers overturns the data.

And the reason? After their appearance, a site had detected the striking similarities between their song and the song “Silence”, presented at Sanremo Youth in 2016 and written by the same author, Andrea Febo.

In the morning, during the daily press conference at Ariston, RaiUno’s deputy director Claudio Fasulo explained that “the song has the requisites of a new song” and that “the author had immediately declared the re-elaboration of the song”. Also, the regulation, Fasulo had explained, “foresees that a quote or a self-call, as in this case, can occupy up to a third of the track in the contest.” So the track has all the necessary credentials”.

Regarding  the disappearance of the video of the song of 2016, abruptly removed from the Rai website, Fasulo added  that “there was no longer available  because the author had already requested the withdrawl”.

The organization of the festival ,although, specifies that the suspension is temporary, “pending further investigation of the alleged violation of the regulation”. Instead of them, tonight we will watch Renzo Rubino performing after a draw  in the presence of a notary.  In case of re-admission, Meta and Moro will perform tomorrow evening.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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