Italy’s First rehearsal

Italy’s First rehearsal

Italy and Francesca Michielin are ready to get on stage now. Francesca is the runner-up of this year’s SanRemo festival and she represents her country here is Stockholm. Before the rehearsal she told us some things about her outfit and her stage performance.

The Italian stage is decorated with flowers, balloons, birds and a huge green tree on the background for Francesca’s garden. The ground is flooded with water and the artist is standing on a green island. The performance ends with Francesca holding a seed in her hand.

“I  performed in the jumpsuit in the Sanremo Festival, so I decided to wear this outfit also in Stockholm. It is a part of my performance and consists of leaves, flowers, decorated with green things because I want to create a natural surroundings.”














Stefanos Charpantidis

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