Jamala: “There is no political statement in my lyrics”

Jamala: “There is no political statement in my lyrics”

Last night, the winner of ESC 2016 Jamala, gave an interview to the Greek Live Show “Bravo Roula” presented by Roula Koromila and broadcasted by E Channel.

The Greek hostess welcomed Jamala and congratulated her for her victory. Jamala was really happy for this interview and also sang a Greek song on air.

In the beginning of the interview, Jamala said that her song was honest and that her country really deserved that victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. She told us (once more) that it is clearly a historical song (historical memories) about her great grandmother and that  for the first time in Eurovision,  an artist sang in Ukrainian Tatar Language. She also agreed with the televoters from Europe and Australia (they voted for Sergey) because everyone has a different choice and taste of music. In the end it is just a contest, she said.

The  problem started when the hostess asked her questions about her song and the political message that it may contains. The artist didn’t really answer any question  and she tried to avoid these kind of questions. She also didn’t said anything about the fact that she sang her song in 2015 in one of her concerts. She answered these kind of questions like a real politician and said that EBU has already stated that there is no political statement in her lyrics.

We don’t know if there was a connection problem or a problem with Jamala’s English skills, but the truth is that she didn’t want to answer all these questions.

You can watch the whole interview in the video below (Greek and English).


Stefanos Charpantidis

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