JESC 2020 first shots: Germany’s Susan records the performance of her JESC entry ‘Stronger with you’

JESC 2020 first shots: Germany’s Susan records the performance of her JESC entry ‘Stronger with you’

The first shots from the German representative’s performance, Susan, have gone public shedding light on how the young act will deliver her JESC song ‘Stronger with you’.

Susan from Germany is up next and recorded the performance of her JESC entry “Stronger with you .  Susan won the national final held by KiKa among other five candidates and marks Germany debut participation at the competition.

The young act takes to the stage wearing a black top jacket combined with a black-white patterned dress. The staging included two trees on the two sides of the stage which their branches are LED tubes while more LED tubes are all over the stage floor in front of Susan. The back ground starts from dark blue color and switches during the performance to a dark red scenery.


A few words about Germany

Susan is flying the flag for Germany at Junior Eurovision 2020 performing her song “Stronger with You”. With a total of 70 singers applying , only five of them took the casting stage before a jury in the KiKA LIVE: Junior Eurovision Song Contest – Das Casting’, the format Germany opted for in order to select is first ever participant in Junior Eurovision.

The 13 years old act started at the age of 4  to watch her sister Katja play in a band. From that point Susan discovered what she loves most and started taking singing lessons and hip hop dance classes. At that age she started playing tambourine in the band “Kids Groove”. From the international music scene she admires Ariana Grand.

Levent Geiger“Your-Song” finalist 2019, is behind  the German entry’s composition.

Susan from Germany has recorded her performance for Junior Eurovision 2020

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