JESC 2020 first shots : Serbia’s Petar Aničić records his entry “Heatbeat”

JESC 2020 first shots : Serbia’s Petar Aničić records his entry “Heatbeat”

The first shots from Petar Aničić’s performance of the Serbian entry ‘Hearbeat’  have been released giving us material on how the Petar’s stage arrangement will be

Petar takes to the stage in order to record his song “Hearbeat” , a song through which he want to move thousand of hearts in  Europe’s to vote for him and give him the JESC 202o trophy. 

Petar appears on the stage a  very modern multi orange and white striped suit which without doubt draws your attention. As he delivers his song he walks around the stage but take a seat at the piano at some point. 


A few words about Petar

Born in 2006, the yung act studies in the 8th grade of primary school in Belgrade, and has been involved in music since he was 4 years old. When he was six, he enrolled the “Mokranjac” Junior Music School in Belgrade, the piano section, and as soon as the following year he composed his first piece titled “I run fast”

During his education, Petar performed at numerous concerts, public lessons and contests where he won several awards. At the National Competition for Students of Music Schools in 2017, he won the second prize, at the municipal-level contest for solo singers “Golden Mermaid” – Demus 2017/2018 he won the first prize, and then also the first prize at the city-level contest, winning a landslide victory with 99 points.

In addition to music, Petar is also a fan of history and geography, languages and sports. He is currently practicing rowing at the Rowing Club Partizan and he would recommend this sport to everyone because, according to Petar, the water has a calming and inspiring effect, while rowing activates all the body muscles and helps develop both physical and mental strength. 


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