JESC 2020 first shots: UNITY from The Netherlands record their entry ‘Best Friends’

JESC 2020 first shots: UNITY from The Netherlands record their entry ‘Best Friends’

The first shots from UNITY’s performance of ‘Best Friends’ for The Netherlands have been released giving us a first good taste of how the girls group’s staging will be like.

UNITY recorded their performance in a studio in Hileversum. After Demi’s covid-19 adventure prior the Junior Songfestival, the four girls reunite for the JESC final. Naomi, Maud, Jayda and Demi appear on stage dressed similar as in the national final, in a updated version of it and showcase their pattern of dance moves. 



A few words about UNITY

The girl group Unity won the Dutch national final , Junior Songfestival 2020  are representing the Eurovision 2021 host nation at the upcoming Junior Eurovision in Warsaw with their song “Best Friends”. The girl-group which consists of the four members Naomi , Maud, Jayda and Demi. 


Naomi is 13 years old. When she was 6 years old, she joined a theatre school just for fun. When  she realized how much she loved it, she decided to work hard for it. Her idols are the Dutch singers Maan and Davina Michelle.


Jayda us 13 years old and has been singing since she can remember herself. However from the age of 9 she took things seriously and began developing her talent. From the established acts she admires Beyonce and Dutch singer Maan.


Maud is 14 years old and has started singing and performing when since was very young. When she was 6 years old, she started singing lessons and has  never stopped doing it since then. Singing, dancing and acting are her greatest passions. Favorite act is the Dutch singer Maan. 


Demi is a 14 year old act that has been singing since she could talk and  joined musical lessons at the age of 8. Her parents both play music in the church band and so she  was motivated to sing with them. Like the other group’s members she admires the Dutch singer Maan. Before the national final began  Demi  was tested for Covid-19 and were found positive. Thus she had to withdraw from the national final leaving the selection, while Unity appeared as a group with three members instead of four. However Demi will be able to join the group at Junior Eurovision in Warsaw. 

Their song ‘Best Friends’ talk about the power of friendship that can overcome distances and difficulties and can become a factor for unity and major achievements. 

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