JESC 2020 first shots: Oleksandr Balabanov from Ukraine records “Open Up”

JESC 2020 first shots: Oleksandr Balabanov from Ukraine records “Open Up”

The first shots from Oleksandr Balabanov’s performance of the Ukrainian JESC 2020 entry went public giving us a first taste of how his staging will look like. 

Oleskandr will be performing on stage his song ‘Vidkryvai’ (Open Up). The young act appears on stage wearing a cream coloured suit, while his team was wearing Vidkryvai merchandise and ‘Open Up’ face masks. During his performance he uses a small orb. 

The Urainian act was one of the delegates to travel to Warsaw earlier this month in order to record his performance. Behind Oleskandr’s staging is the same team that was responsible for Jamala’s performance, winner of ESC 2016. 


A few words about Oleksandr

The 13-year-old act was born in Donetsk. He has started singing from the age of 4 in a folk singing group! When he turned 8, he moved to the capital of Kyiv with his parents so he can attend the music classes at the art school there in order to evolve his talent as a pop vocalist as well.
He has won about 40 national and internations festivals and competitions already and is fluent in English already, all while studying German and Turkish as well! He has experienced been a finalist in the Ukrainian preliminary round for the JESC twice, namely in 2018 and 2019. In addition, he won the Slavianski Bazar Kids in 2018 and was at the Ukrainian The Voice Kids successfully

Meanwhile Oleksandr is the first male act to represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since 2009, when Andranik Alexanyan represented the country in the edition Timur Miroshnychenko hosted!


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