Junior Eurovision 2017: Dress rehearsal Day while Public Online Voting is running.

Junior Eurovision 2017: Dress rehearsal Day while Public Online Voting is running.

This is Tbilisi calling from Georgia and the INFE Network is present at another Eurovision Event , Junior Eurovision 2017.

Day 3 and 4 of rehearsals have gone by and the 16 participating countries are in the Dress rehearsal day. Two Dress rehearsals took place today alongside with the spokesman rehearsal. The 2nd Dress rehearsal in the evening was open to the audience .

But before we lead ourselves at tonight ‘s shows take another overall look at the last two days of each country’s rehearsal:


The country’s representative  Muireann gets on stage holding her guitar and dressed in black. The whole presentation is simple so as the young artist can focus on her performance. We can see a rather more alternative style then the ones we are used to see in Junior Eurovision.



Grigol performs on stage dressed in black while 4 girls escort him on the left side wearing short dresses, two of them pink colored and two in white. On the background a full moon is displayed while the stage is lightened with pink and purple rays of light.  The retro type of the song could draw juries’ attention but for sure will have the major support of stadium audience as the host country.



Mina  performs her song alone on stage dress in white. On the background screen dancers are pictured moving accordingly to her moves.  Perhaps if the dancers had a place on stage live, it will be more easier to pass on the song’s message.



Nikol gets on staged wearing a white top and an orange long skirt alongside with 3 dancers, 2 girls and a boy, dressed in the Cypriot’s flag colors. The Cypriot entry is one of the few uptempo songs in this year’s contest and that is one of the reasons the Cypriot delegation is hoping it will stand out.



Helena performs her entry alone on stage  while her dressing is colored in pink. This is a song that could easily fit in the adult’s Eurovision song contest . One of the entry’s that has won so far good impressions and is betting high on the scoreboard, though the vocals can still  show some improvement.



Isabella performs her song having 3 girls dancing alongside while she is dressed in a white shiny outfit and her dancer in black with vests. Australia’s entry seem to be the most pop styled song  and the Australian representative fills the stage with dancing moves and display the lyrics of the song holding signs.



Misha seems to be one of the favorites of this year’s favorites. H appears alone on stage performing his song standing on a scatter board having the shape of a boomerang. He starts he starts and ends his performance holding a boomerang in his hand. On the background screen a picture of the sky is displayed, initially in colored red and progressively turns into blue. However to confirm his title as a favorite he must improve his vocals.



Aννα after facing some technical problems in Day 1, she is back on stage for her second rehearsal. However it seems that all these problems have influenced her self confidence and she appears with less energy and more emotion. We hope all this wont effect her final performance tomorrow.


Seed growing  are projected on the video wall on the background  for Anastasiya from Ukraine. During the performance a white tree appears on stage and she continues singing while sitting on it . Very good vocally and with a lot of self confidence on stage.



The boys get on stage and perform in simple but a well prepared staging. The simplicity of this performance helps the whole attention to fall on these young boys.



The Serbian girls get on stage with a mid tempo song. If one can comment something for this entry , will be for the vocals who need to be improved.




One of the favorites for this year. Polina from Russia wears on stage a totally white dress and impresses with her performance. Vocally mature and self confident draws all the attention on her as she delivers the whole song.



Mariana appears on stage wearing black colored clothes. The background screen displays a number smileys. Vocally seems stable and  satisfying .



Alicja’s performance begins with a distant scene of the stage and progressively closes up to it. Another entry that has leafs and trees displayed on the background screen . The young artists seems to have abandoned the initial idea of a catwalk on stage.



Another impressive performance. Young Gianluca with his 5 female dancers alongside gives a dynamic performance on stage.  Malta for another year  aims to the high places on the scoreboard.



Another strong performance for this year. She wears a black leather jacket combined with red skinny type trousers. Maria’s keeps the tradition of Italian artists with very good vocal skills. She appears on stage self confident giving Italy another worthy entry.



Since yesterday don’t forget the online voting is open for all the fans to votes no matter in which country they live or whether their country is a participant in this year’s Junior Eurovision. cast

In this year’s edition of Junior Eurovision the final result will be determined by a combination of public online voting contributing with a 50% in the total votes, while the rest 50% will come from the 16 national juries. The public voting will be split up into two phases, one from 24/11 until a few minutes before the live show starts and the second phase that will have a 15 minute duration.

The online voting process is easy to access and go through. Just visit the official Junior Eurovision 2017 site, listen to the recap of the 16 songs and then cast your vote by choosing 3, 4 or 5 entries as your favorites.

Angelo D.

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