Junior Eurovision 2018: First Dress and Jury rehearsal successfully completed today

Junior Eurovision 2018: First Dress and Jury rehearsal successfully completed today

Last day of rehearsals for this year’s Junior Eurovision  as the First Dress rehearsal took place at noon  local time , to be followed by the Jury Rehearsal unfolded in the evening and finished some minutes ago in Minsk Arena.

The record number  of  20 participating countries took the stage for the last day of rehearsals just one day before the final show. As this year there isn’t a clear favorite all contestants are trying to bring the best of them on stage in order to get it as perfect as it can get. The whole production this year is really impressive. The size of the stage, the light shows, the whole allocation of the space contributes in one of most spectacular Junior Eurovision Contest the latest years that can easily be compared to a Senior Eurovision.  

The Beginning of the show

Although in this morning’s Dress rehearsal, the rehearsal was interrupted twice due to technical sound problems the latest Jury Rehearsal unfolded without any surprises. The Dress rehearsal was open to media while Jury’s rehearsal was open to the audience to attend the event.

As we watched in both rehearsals the live show starts with the presentation of the participating countries and the entrance of the competing acts. The countries are announce in alphabetical order. The parade ends with the entrance of the three hosts  Eugene PerlinZinaida Kupriyanocich and Helena Meraai.

Following the entrance of countries the hosts provide some details and explanations on the voting system. Once they finish the competing part of the event start with all the act on stage performing their entries. The performances are the same that we saw in the first two days of the rehearsals and mostly alla acts show more confidence on stage as they are acquainted with the whole scene after all these days of rehearsing. You can get more information on how the performance unfold these days up to today’s final rehearsal in our previous post about first day’s rehearsals  ( part 1 , part 2, part 3)and second day’s rehearsals ( part 1 and part 2)

Tomorrow the Final Show of Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place at the Minsk Arena at 4pm CET.



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