Junior Eurovision 2018: First Rehearsal for another set of 6 countries (France-FYR.Macdonia-Georgia-Ireland-Albania-Belarus)

Junior Eurovision 2018: First Rehearsal for another set of 6 countries (France-FYR.Macdonia-Georgia-Ireland-Albania-Belarus)

Half of the competing countries in this year’s Junior Eurovision held their first rehearsal today. The programm went on with the rest six countries of today’s schedule as France, FYR.Macdonia, Georgia, Ireland, lbania ,Belarus got on stage to perform for the first time.

France – Angélina – “Jamais Sans Toi”


Georgia – Tamar Edilashvili – “Your Voice”. 

It is time for Tamar from Georgia to Light up the stage. Powerful vocals , cathcy song and immediacy by playing with the camera a some of the obvious elements of her performance. Her talent unfolds completely as she reached those high notes in the song. Acts like this are making this year’s contest really competitive.

 Ireland – Taylor Hynes – “I.O.U”

Next to rehearse was Ireland.  A stage flooded with colors , while Taylor delivers the song vocally nicely and in  Gaelic language making it really stand out. The dancers give an energetic feature to the staging and the song itself is rather catchy. 


Albania- Efi Gjika – “Barby”

Although she was to rehearse in the first positions she appears just before the last rehearsal. A rather pinky and purple colored staging and uptempo pop performance. Having these elements for sure one or two dancers would have been a plus in the whole staging. However Efi delivers it well justifying those who claim a high position for her.

Belarus – Daniel Yastremski – “Time”

The first day of rehearsal closes with host country of Belarus.  Daniel rehearses home soil and receives a warm applause. His song is a combination of 90’s hip hop and r’n’b sounds which contribute to the modern nature of the song. Vocally Daniel is good and his perfromance quiet slick.

Tomorrow the rest 10 countries are expected to get on stage for their first rehearsals.

What did you think of these first set of rehearsals. Which country’s performance outstood for you?

Angelo D.

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