Junior Eurovision 2018: Full running order determined

Junior Eurovision 2018: Full running order determined

During this afternoon’s Opening Ceremony for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 it was determined which countries will open and close the show and the exact position of the rest of the competing countires.

Ukraine will begin the competition while Poland will be the country to close the show. After these two positions were determined a draw took place in order to determine the exact position of the rest of the countries. In order to be fair, the host country was included in the draw. Therefore Belarus was determined to perform in 8th position. The whole draw was held by  Eugene Perlin, Zinaida Kupriyanovich and Helena Meraai who will be the hosts of the contest in Minsk Arena next Sunday.

The rest of the positions were decided by the producers in order to form a running order that will help all songs stand out and creata a more diverse process. 

The full running order in next Sunday’s show will be as following:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Portugal
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Albania
  5. Russia
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Belarus
  9. Ireland
  10. Serbia
  11. Italy
  12. Australia
  13. Georgia
  14. Israel
  15. France
  16. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  17. Armenia
  18. Wales
  19. Malta
  20. Poland

Today the opening ceremony took place at the BelExpo in Minsk, Belarus. The show was hosted by Denis Dudinsky and Anna Kviloria, who welcomed the 20 act on the red carpet and made a couple of questions to each one about their entry and what message they deliver. Following this small interview and a selfie with the hosts, further down  Jon Ola Sand (Executive Supervisor of the EBU) and Ivan Eismont (Chairman of BTRC) greeted them and took some photos alongside with the delegation. The acts went on walking towards the fans as their entry was playing. 

Once all 20 artists had made their entrance, the show began with each of them going on stage to read a small speech of their life ambitions before concluding each time with the Junior Eurovision slogan Light Up. After the speeches were completed, Jon Ola Sand and Ivan Eismont open officially the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 by pressing the “magic button” which began a full light show displaying 3D graphics of modern and traditional Belarus across the stage.

After  the draw was over today’s opening proceedings closed with Maria Zhilina perfroming  Welcome To My Belarusv. Maria Zhilina, was the runner up of the Belarusian Junior Eurovision 2018 selection. The evening concluded with last year’s winning entry “Wings” and Polina Bogusevich from Russia.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will take place this Sunday in the Minsk Arena in Minsk, Belarus. A record breaking 20 countries with Wales and Kazakhstan making their debut at the contest while Azerbaijan, Israel and France make their comeback.

Source: JuniorEurovision.tv

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