Junior Eurovision 2018: Online voting in progress; Don’t forget to cast your votes!

Junior Eurovision 2018: Online voting in progress; Don’t forget to cast your votes!

Online voting for Junior Eurovision 2018 has already started , so Europe and rest of the world don’t forget to csst your votes that will determine the final outcome with a 50% share on the total result.

As we had informed you in our previous post on November 6The format will follow last year’s path where  fans  will be able to vote for their own country, while people internationally will be able to vote for their favourites, both for free. The online voting method will have two different rounds exactly like last year:

In the first round of voting, the voting window has already opened since Friday 23rd and will stay open until Sunday25th when the show starts, at 15.59 CET. People will have to watch a preview of all the 20 performances before entering the voting platform that will be available on the JESC official website. Then, they will be able to vote for 3, 4 or 5 of the competing countries.

The Second round of voting,  will begin once all the songs have been performed at the live final show, and will be open  for 15 minutes. Last year, the voting website crashed during this phase of the voting, making it imposibble for people to cast their votes after watching the full final performances.

The two rounds of votes will be added up and equal the 50% share of  the voting to decide the final outcome, while the other half will be decided by a professional jury panel, formed by adults and kids, in each country. A total of 1160 points is to be distributed in each voting and the amount of points a country gets will be calculated according to the percentage of votes it receives. For example if the country receives 10% of the online voting it will get a total of 116 points (10%x1160). The same thing will happen in jury voting too.

There for for all of you that want to vote your favorites in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest you just have to follow 4 steps to cast your votes:

  1. First visit the the official Junior Eurovision page for online voting .
  2. Watch the  recap of the 20 participating acts
  3. After the recap the page will redirect you to the spot where you can select your favorite entries. You can pick 3 ,4 or 5 entries in total. 
  4. After you select your favorite one a small window will pop up asking you to enter the result of  a very simple math result for example  8+2 so you will have to enter in this case the digital 10. Done that and then all you have to do is press the submission button to complete your voting.


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