Junior Eurovision 2018: The 1st set of countries begin rehearsals (Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Israel)

Junior Eurovision 2018: The 1st set of countries begin rehearsals (Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Israel)

After yesterday’s Opening Ceremony , today it was time for the first first rehearsals of Junior Eurovosion 2018, to take place in Minsk Arena.

The first set of countries to begin their rehearsal were Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Israel. Let go and see one by one the first impressions from their first rehearsals:

Armenia – L.E.V.O.N – “L.E.V.O.N”

The first country to rehearse today was Armenia who are represented by L.E.V.O.N. This is what we call a professional performance, Very confident on stage with great vocals , he surely puts a mark in todays rehearsals with his green suit and trumpet that feature his performance. The Armenian act has the whole stage for himself without any dancers but that doesn’t make the performance less impressive. 

 Australia – Jael Wena – “Champion” 

Jael’s performance certainly goes along with this year’s slogan “Light up”  as the the whole stage is flooded with phantasmagoric lighting. Without doubt the producers have done a great job on this aspect of the staging. The young act from Down Under get on stage wearing a silver dress. Apart from the lights around Jael shines herself on stage and wows the audience with her high notes during her performance. Undoubtful one of the strong contestants of this year’s contest.

Azerbaijan – Fidan Huseynova – “I Wanna Be Like You”

 The Land on fire certainly knows how to send a powerful song at the contest. It’s one of those years that live up to our expectations from this country. Fidan, get on stage and one can miss out commeting on her impressive dress and her moves. Her appearance on stage rings a bell  Aisel’s dynamic perfromance in Lisbon. 

She is Dressed all in white, and her intense movement of hands features her staging. Her vocals amazing and draws all the attention on her despite the existence of backing dancers.

Israel – Noam Dadon – “Children Like These”

Fourth for rehearsal today is Israel with Noam. He appears on stage alone  with subdued lighting which fits the prospect of the song. His vocals are abosolutely stunning and really seems to put himself in the song. His staging is simple but he himself performs confident and delivers the song as it should ne performed.

Which of these four rehearsals did you like the most?


Angelo D.

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