Junior Eurovision 2018: The last set of 10 countries go through their 2nd rehearsal

Junior Eurovision 2018: The last set of 10 countries go through their 2nd rehearsal

Junior Eurovision 2018 is going into its rehearsal Day 4 and the last set of 10 countries is doing is 2nd rehearsal , just two days before Sunday’s final. 

Wales – Manw – “Perta”

Welsh singer Manw kicked off the fourth day of rehearsals at the Minsk Arena, where she rehearsed her song ‘Perta’ for the second time. 

Another good energetic performance for Manw and the girls. The chemistry is there and vocally she sounds solid and great, while the colorful floral images around the stage travel us to Wales’ countryside.

Ukraine – Darina Krasnovetska – “Say Love”

Little Darina gives another  powerful performance with great vocals. She performs alone on stage with her megaphone while on the background wall images and lyrics pop up in a wihite and red color scheme making it difficult for a spectator to take his eyes off the whole performance.

The Netherlands – Max and Anne – “Samen”

Τhe Duo from The Netherlands, Max and Anne, are back on the stage for their second rehearsal which far much more better than the first time. More chemistry showing, the seem comfortable  now on the stage and confident. Vocally both are great and pass over a very optimistic vibe alongside with their dancers.

Serbia – Bojana Radovanović – “Svet”

Bojana is next on stage for her second rehearsal. Wearing her white dress she performs Svet with great vocals. Her vocal performance is captivating and she herself is confident on stage. Nice song nice performance should bring a nice score for her on Sunday.

Russia – Anna Filipchuk – “Unbreakable”

Anna is back on stage for the second rehearsal of “Unbreakable”. Another good vocally performance by Anna. The full of activities stage brings along an energizing speactacle,  backing instrumentalists, colourful graphics on the background wall with dozens of smiling child faces and the light show. 

Portugal – Rita Laranjeira – “Gosto de Tudo (Já Não Gosto de Nada)

Up next for her 2nd rehearsal is Rita from Portugal. Colourful graphics, solid vocals and a generally an energetic performance using an armchair on stage convey  positive vibes to the audience.

Poland – Roksana Węgiel – “Anyone I Want To Be”

Roksana and her dancers are up next for Poland’s second rehearsal. Roksana makes another excellent vocal performance reaching impressively those high notes while her dancers give to the whole performance an energizing and dynamic figure. 

Malta – Ela Mangion – “Marchin’ On”

Ela Mangion from Malta is up next for her 2nd rehearsal.  Ela alongside her dancers appear on stage with their red tracksuits ready to March on in front of her music video diplayed on the background. Impressive vocals by Ela once again.

Kazakhstan – Daneliya Tuleshova – “Ózińe sen”

Next on Minsk Arena stage came Daneliya from Kazakhstan. A far more better rehearsal from the first one . Her vocals absolutely amazing and herself even more confident on the stage. The melody of the song with her voice take the audience to the fairytale world that the graphics illustrate. 

Italy – Marco and Melissa – “What Is Love?”

Today’s rehearsals close with the Italian duo, Marco and Melissa . The little princess in her yellow dress alongside with Marco present us a fairytale story in front of a castle displayed on the background. Fantastic vocals from both of them , so fit together and inspirational.

The fourth day of rehearsal is closing with the 2nd rehearsal of the hosts and the opening acts .



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