Junior Eurovision 2020: EBU confirms keeping same voting system with some amendments

Junior Eurovision 2020: EBU confirms keeping same voting system with some amendments

EBU is making the final preparations for the upcoming  Junior Eurovisuion Song in Warsaw contest and has confirmed that the voting system will remain the same with a few changes.

The final result will depend 50% on the vote of a professional jury , which will be made up of three adults and two children . The remaining 50% will be decided by viewers around the world through the online voting platform, implemented since 2017.

Different to past editions will be the amount of votes the audience can cast, as it will be reduced to maximum three countries instead 3 to 5 countries in the past. This amendement is in accordance with the lower number of participating countries, which this year are 13 from last year’s 19 competing nations.  Thus the voting formula has been adjusted to current circumstances in order to secure a fair distribution of the scores and to counteract the effect of voting for the country itself.

In online voting fans will be able to support and vote one more year for our own country and vote from anywhere on the planet . The platform where we can issue our ratings will open for the first time on Friday, November 27, 2020 , two days before the contest, where a summary of the 13 songs will have to be seen before voting.  After viewing the summary, we can also see a one-minute preview of each performance in case we continue to have doubts about our favorite topics.


The presentation of votes

At the moment the EBU is considering how to announce the votes during the show . The most significant change is that this year we will see the spokespersons again through connections from their respective home countries , something that has not happened since 2012. Especially with the covid-19 pandemic still around and the restrictions implemented due to the escalation this way of presentation stands out as the only option.

Addtionally, the low number of participating countries, has put EBU offiicial in bringing  the  8 and 10 points announcement by the spokespersons, and not only the 12 points and the rest automatically on the screen as in recent years, so that the votes are not made too fast and short.

Source: EBU/eurovision.tv


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