Junior Eurovision 2020: JESC 2020 week begins officially with the Opening Ceremony

Junior Eurovision 2020: JESC 2020 week begins officially with the Opening Ceremony

Here we are, despite all the difficult circumstances, with the 18th edtiion of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest  to unfold througout the week , starting with the Opening Ceremony.

This year’s Junior Eurovision obviously will be a different one, due to the covid-19 pandemic, but EBU and TVP will make the best out of it presenting us a specacular show.

This is how the Junior Eurovision 2020 week will unfold: 

The Opening Ceremony (November 23 – 16:00 CET)

The week opens with the customary Opening Ceremony, which will mark the beginning of this year’s contest. Due to the covid-19 restrictions, the event will be held remotely and will be presented by Mateusz Szymkowiak.

All twelves delegations will be welcomed to the 18th edition of the contest along with some guest stars while the draw to determine the host nation’s appearance in the show and the opening and closing act will take place. You can watch the Opening Ceremony in the following stream: 


Rehearsal Footage (November 23-27)

As this year’s edition will take place in a different way due to the covid-19 pandemic, no rehearsals will actually take place as we knew them, but EBU via JuniorEurovision.tv will released content from the preparation and the building up of the acts’ performances in their countries and in Warsaw. 

Online Voting (November 27)

Two days before the show the online public voting will kick off on Friday 20:00 CET. One minute snippets of the 12 competing entries will be released and each voter can vote up to three countries until 16:59 CET Novemver 29.

Jury Final ( Novemver 28)

One day before the show, the national juries, formed by three adults and two children , will have the chance to watch the 12 performance and cast their votes which will count as the 50% of the overall voting.

Final (Novemver 29 – 17:00 CET)

The final show of the 18th Junior Eurovision will hit our screens at 17:00 CET live from Warsaw. The show will be a mixture of live and pre recorded performances. The Interval act, the hosting and the voting will be live while the competing performances will be pre recorded. 

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