Kazakhstan: It’s Karakat Bashanova for Junior Eurovision 2020

Kazakhstan: It’s Karakat Bashanova for Junior Eurovision 2020

Karakat Bashanova won the Kazakh national final for Junior Eurovision 2020 and is off to Wasaw next November.

A total of 12 participants battled in the Kazakh national final for the right to represent the nation at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Warsaw. The result of the final came out of public voting exclusively.

The members of the jury were moved by Karakat Bashanova’s performance, reports  “Khabar 24” . The young performer took to the stage second last and dedicated the song to her deceased father. The performance was so touching that the jury members could not hide their tears.

The 12 acts that delivered their entries on stage were:

  1. Saypolda Islam – Otan -11th (11,7%)
  2. Tileubek Aykerim – Winner – 3rd (24,2%)
  3.  Kyzdenbaeva Kamila – Jeteleidi arman -6th (14,4%)
  4. Makim Jan – Brave heart – 6th (14,4%)
  5. Kysanova Nurshat – Tygan yer – 12th (10,7%)
  6. Altynbekkyzy Saniia – Omir beles – 8th (14,1%)
  7. Tursynova Makhinur – Uli dalanyn ayeni – 10th (12,7%)
  8. Jumazhan Aidana – Heal the World – 9th (12,9%)
  9. Manarbekyzy Aqjibek – Jer-Ana – 5th (15,5%)
  10. Burkhanova Adiya – Musa – 4th (18,5%)
  11.  Bashanova Karakat – Forever – 1st (25,9%)
  12. Mukitanova Ayim  – Celebrate – 2nd (25,7%)

The author of the winning composition is Khamit Shangaliyev. He also wrote the song for Yerzhan Maksim to represent at the last Junior Eurovision. Karakat has started singing at the age of 5. Now she studies at the music school of the Kulyash Baiseitova Russian Music School.

Lets enjoy the young act’s performance that made the jury literally burst into tears:

News Source: Khabar 

Cover Photo: inform.kz

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