Latvia: LTV opens submissions for Supernova 2022

Latvia: LTV opens submissions for Supernova 2022

Latvian national broadcaster, LTV, has opened the submission window for the national selection for Eurovision 2022, “Supernova”.

Latvian national broadcaster, LTV, published  the rules and terms for Supernova 2022, for the national selection, “Supernova 2022”.

Candidates wishing to represent Latvia at Eurovision 2022 can submit their applications to the Latvian national broadcaster, LTV, until December 7, 2021. , in order to participate in the national selection “Supernova 2022”.

A special committee of the public broadcaster, LTV, will evaluate all the applications that have been submitted and will select the ones that will proceed to the national selection programs. Supernova shows will be broadcast on LTV and are expected to air in February.

Latvia in Eurovision

Latvia has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 2000 and has won the contest one time in 2002 with the Marie N and the song ”I wanna“

This year Latvia represented by Samanta Tīna who sang “Still Breathing” but failed to qualify for the final, finishing 17th in the second semi-final with 14 points.

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