Latvia: Markus Riva to the “Supernova 2018” final

Latvia: Markus Riva to the “Supernova 2018” final

As it is already well known, Latvia will choose this year’s representative through the national “Supernova 2018” contest. This contest is still in progress, and specifically we watched its fifth show on previous Saturday. But what about Markus Riva?

The fans’s  favorite artist unfortunately did not qualify for the final stage of the Supernova 2018. Markus interpreted “This Time”, a mid-tempo song with many perspectives for evolution. The unexpected of the case was that he did not get to the final, which was sure for the fans of the contest.

The landscape was clarified today by the Latvian national broadcaster LTV, and this clearing surprised us delightly. LTV announced that seven and not six artists will compete in the final, so Markus and Ritvars qualify for it. This was caused by a serious mistake made in the online semi-final vote. So Markus Riva is on second place and Ritvars on third.

See Markus’ own announcement through his official Instagram account:


Watch below Markus Riva’s performance again:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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