Latvia: Samanta Tina releases her new single “I Got The Power”

Latvia: Samanta Tina releases her new single “I Got The Power”

After this year’s unfortunate cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest, Samanta Tīna comes back with her new single “I Got The Power”, delivering an empowering message for all the women.  

Samanta is not just making music just for music but aims to pass strong messages to the world through her songs. Through her new track “I Got The Power”. Samanta reaches to all the women out there, urging them to fight back to whatever pressures them and brings them down. “I got the power”  delivers are stong message to smash the stereotypes that limit their self confidence and freedom to determine and achieve their goals.

Tina’s new song is co-written with Eurovision 2015 singer Aminata Savadogo while behind the music is Samanta herself and Latvian beatmaker NiklāvZ. The song features a strong electronic sound indicating the path Samanta prefers to follow in music.

Notable is the song’s video which showcases at the beginning statistics reflecting the lack of self confidence among women, and the pressure the feel trying to keep up with the daily stereotypes of beauty. Thus, Tina’s song aims to offer them the an encouraging message to fight back!

Samanta in Eurovision

Samanta won the Latvian, national final of Supernova 2020 with her electro pop song “Still Breathing”. However due to the covid-19 outbreak the Latvian act never performed her entry in Rotterdam as the contest was cancelled. The Latvian broadcaster, LRT, on May 16 revealed that it will be skipping next year’s national selection in order for Samanta to have her second chance to perform in Rotterdam with a new song in the next ESC edition.


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