Latvia: Supernova 2019 2nd semi final results

Latvia: Supernova 2019 2nd semi final results

Minutes before the 2nd semi final of  Supernova 2019, Latvia’s national selection format, has been completed sending to the final another set of 4 acts. 

Tonight the 8 competing acts and songs were:

  1. Adriana Miglāne – Scared of Love
  2. Carousel – That Night
  3. Double Faced Eels – Fire
  4. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens – Tautasdziesma
  5. Kristiāna – Remedy
  6. Laika Upe – Listen to the Way that I Breathe
  7. Markus Riva – You Make Me So Crazy
  8. Peress – Smaragdi un pelni

From these 8 entries , half of them (4) qualified to the Final show. The results were determined 50% by a special national committee formed by  DJ RuddLinda Leen (singer), Ralf Eiland (singer) and Artis Dvariona (radio producer) while the public vote contributed with another 50%.

The 4 acts that achieved to win one of the four qualifying tickets

  1. Carousel – That Night
  2. Double Faced Eels – Fire
  3. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens – Tautasdziesma
  4. Markus Riva – You Make Me So Crazy

Today’s qualifiers will join the first semi final’s qualifiers in the Final that is set to take place on February 16. 

Angelo D.

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