Latvia: Supernova Wild Card goes to “Sudden Lights”

Latvia: Supernova Wild Card goes to “Sudden Lights”

As it has been known since yesterday, the Supernova organizers would announce today, in addition to the running order of the final, and a “wildcard” as well.

Earlier today, it was officially announced that wildcard was given to “Sudden Lights”, who finished third in the first semi-final. In the semi-final rank, which was announced yesterday, the band was first to the public voting, fourth in the jury’s voting and,after votes offsetting, they ranked third in the semifinal.

So, counting  Sudden Lights and the three qualifiers from the second semi-final (after the televoting problem), the total number of finalists is eight.

The running order of  the Saturday’s final is as follows:

  1. Sudden Lights – Just Fine
  2. Ritvars – Who’s Counting?
  3. MADARA – Esamība
  4. Liene Greifāne – Walk the Talk
  5. Lauris Valters – Lovers Bliss
  6. Edgars Kreilis – Younger Days
  7. Laura Rizzotto – Funny Girl
  8. Markus Riva – This Time

Below you can watch Sudden Lights performance  in the first semifinal, which gave them the Wildcard:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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