Listen to FYR Macedonia’s Junior Eurovision 2018 entry “Doma”

Listen to FYR Macedonia’s Junior Eurovision 2018 entry “Doma”

FYR. Macedonia’s official music video of  its Junior Eurovision 2018 entry was released this evening. The country will be represented in Minsk by 13 year old Marija Spasovska  and her song Doma (Home). Listen to the entry in the following video:

Marija Spasovska  was selected internally by national broadcaster MRT and has been singing since the age of 4, performing in numerous competitions and festivals. Her entry entitled  Doma is written in Slavic-macedonian language, while composers of the song are  Elena Ritseska who represented the country in Eurovision 2006 and Darko Dimitrov who was the composer behind the country’s ESC enries in 2006, 2013, 2014, 2018, Albania’s entry in 2015 and Serbia’s participation 2018.

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FYR Macedonia’s JESC story so far

The country has taken part from the very first edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. On their debut they were represented by Marija & Viktorija with the song Ti ne me poznavaš finishing in the 12th place . Macedonia’s best result was achieved back in 2007 with Ding Ding Dong by Rosica & Dimitar and in 2008 with Prati mi SMS” by Bobi Andonov, both achieving a honorable 5th placing.

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