Lithuania 2018: Watch Ieva’s second rehearsal

Lithuania 2018: Watch Ieva’s second rehearsal

After a short break the second rehearsals continue falling back on initial time schedule . Next is Lithuania and Ieva Zasimauskaitė, to rehearse for the second time her song When We’re Old.

In the first rehearsal we saw a repeat of the national final winning performance. Today we saw a change to Ieva’s clothes as she was wearing a pink dress and sits at the beginning with her back towards the camera.

The stage is colored with yellow lightening and she is sitting and barefoot. Her vocals are perfect and making the audience travel in mind with her melody.

At some point she gets up and walks to the bridge where her husband meets her. The graphics didn’t work well after the second verse of the song but it’s something that can me fixed. In the following runs the camera shots focused on her face showing her sad expression.

She walks barefoot while young couples are displayed through special effects. The last part is performed in Lithuanian and she receives a kiss from her husband.

A rather warm applause from the journalists in the press center.

Angelo D.

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