Lithuania 2019: All you need to know about Jurijus and his entry “Run with the Lions”

Lithuania 2019: All you need to know about Jurijus and his entry “Run with the Lions”

The Lithuanian national  broadcaster ,  LRT , held the national selection  “Eurovizijos” in order to determine the act that will represent the country at Eurovision 2019. After 4 qualifying rounds, 2 semi finals and a grand final winner of the national selection was crowned Jurijus and his song “Run with the Lions” among 48 other contestants.

A few words about Jurijus

Jurijus Veklenko, more known by his first name Jurijus, is a Lithuanian singer born on July 6, 1990. He participated in Eurovision 2015 as one of the four backing vocalists of the duet  Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila while performing their song “This Time”. In 2017, he took part in the national final finishing 4th , as the main voice in the entry “Get Frighten which was performed by lip-syncing by the actor, dancer and choreographer Gytis Ivanauskas, who was playing a Drag Queen.

In 2018 he released the single entitled “Kartais“, which was never included in any album of his.

The entry “Run with the Lions”

As we can tell by the lyrics of the song, “Run with the Lions” talks about the human nature that is imprisoned .  In order a person to become happy, he must realize its freedom and  stop living by the rules that oppress him. The song therefore urges us to “run the Lions”  meaning to live free without restrictions and any kind of phobias. The people behind the lyric and the music of the song are Ashley Hicklin, Eric Lumiere & Pele Loriano.

Lithuania will compete in the second half of the 2nd semi final on May 16 (12th position) Check out the winning performance of “Run with the Lions” during the national final night:

Lyrics of “Run With The Lions”

If you wanna see, just open your eyes

If you wanna breathe, let’s go outside in the open, Out in the open

There’s no need to stay locked up inside, This kingdom is yours and this kingdom is mine

Let me show you, Just let me show you

Ooh, there’s no need to be afraid, You don’t got to hurt away

‘Cause we got a love that can’t be caged, We got love a that can’t be caged

Come on, come on, let your feelings out

Come on, come on, get your freedom now, Run wild, Run with the lions (Oh) X2

If you want a voice, just open your mouth

Don’t worry about the words, we’ll figure it out, Just try it, Just try it, oh

Ooh, there’s no need… …caged Come on…. …lions


Lithuania has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest  19 times since its debut in 1994, when Ovidijus Vyšniauskas finished last, receiving nul points. Lithuania withdrew from the contest, not returning until 1999. LT United’s sixth place in 2006 with the song “We Are the Winners” is Lithuania’s best result in the contest. The country reached the top ten for a second time in 2016, when Donny Montell finished ninth with “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night”.

This year the country was represented by  Ieva Zasimaskaite with her touching song When We’re Old, which finished 12th in the grand final.

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