Lithuania: Gretta Zazza and Ruta Loop are back in Eurovizija

Lithuania: Gretta Zazza and Ruta Loop are back in Eurovizija

According to LRT, the Lithuanian national broadcaster, Gretta Zazza and Ruta Loop are the two contestants  who have won the two “wildcards” and will continue competing  in Eurovizija, Lithuania’s national selection to determine the country’s next representative in Lisbon.

On February 19, LRT decided to create an online poll in order to bring back two  contestants among the ones who failed to qualify. Each person had only one vote and the voting  ended this morning.

Gretta Zazza received the most votes and came first in this poll with 4484 votes. Gretta Zazza is one of the fans’ favorite as  her exclusion had caused major disappointment. She also participated in Eurovizija last year and finished in  6th place in the final.

Respectively, Ruta Loop came second with 3928 votes.

The other constants, who battled for the two wildcards, without succeeding to acquire them, were:

  • Vidas Bareikies – Pusvalanduko
  • Lukas Norkunas – Tegu
  • Milda Rasilaviciute – Thinking About You
  • Juozas Martin – Don’t Give Up
  • Germante Kinderyte – Turn it Up
  • Benas Malakauskas – My Memories
  • Zivile Gedvilaite – Melody
  • Audrius Petrauskas – In my Bones
  • Agne Michalenkovaite – Going on
  • Elizabeth Olshey – Bejausmis

The two singers, therefore, qualified to Eurovizija’s two semifinals, which will take place on February 24 and March 3, respectively. The running order of  the two semi-finals will be announced  shortly.

The Grand Final of Eurovija will be held on March 11th.

Watch below the two acts who eventually got the ticket for the semi-finals:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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