Lithuania: LRT to air EuROOPvision within its alternative Eurovision program

Lithuania: LRT to air EuROOPvision within its alternative Eurovision program

The Lithuanian national broadcaster, LRT, will be unfolding its alternative Eurovision program the days the cancelled Eurovision shows were to be aired . 

This year’s Eurovision was due to take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in May. Although it has been cancelled due to the  covid-19 pandemic, the countries participating in the competition are hosting special broadcasts on this occasion.

“Eurovision stories you haven’t heard”

On May 12 and 14, when the semifinals of the canceled Eurovision Song Contest were to take place, LRT will show a special program for the most popular song contest. It features the most memorable performances of Eurovision participants and winners of the last decade, unexpected stories and surprises that took place on stage and behind the scenes. There are also interesting conversations about the phenomenon of “Eurovision” with Lithuanian performers and music experts who have already participated in it. How do you win Eurovision, what is the “Eurovision format” and why do complete “non-formats” sometimes triumph? What is the secret to the popularity of this contest? What impact do neighboring countries’ relations and policies have on the results of the competition?

“Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light” & EuROOPvision

On the day of the Eurovision final, May 16, LRT will broadcast the Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light show directly from the Netherlands, and before that, LRT TELEVISION and LRT RADIO will broadcast The Roop concert EuROOPvision, filmed especially in an empty concert hall. The best songs of the group will be performed, shots that have already become archived will be shown, including how Lithuania and foreign countries learned to dance “On Fire” dance, as well as Western music critics who predicted high positions for Lithuanian representatives in this year’s Eurovision final. . The members of The Roop group and its leader will also answer the questions of the fans during the concert. EuROOPvision will be led by Gabrielle Martirosian.

Immediately after The Roop concert, a live broadcast of Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light from the Netherlands. During the special broadcast, we will see excerpts from the performances of representatives of all countries. A few surprises await the audience. The song will unite all the participants who had to perform at this year’s “Eurovision” – they will perform the song “Love Shine a Light” performed by ESC 1997 winners, the group from the United Kingdom Katarina and the Waves. Another song will be performed by a virtual choir of Eurovision fans from different countries, who will sing Johnny Logan’s song “What’s Another Year”. The event will be commented on by Lithuanian spectators by LRT popular music chief editor Ramūnas Zilnys.

The series of shows: “Eurovision Week”

LRT RADIJAS will also pay special attention to the songs that were supposed to be played at this year’s Eurovision next week. Monday to Friday 3:05 p.m. a special series of programs “Eurovision Week” will be broadcast on the radio in 2007. Darius Užkuraitis, Gerūta Griniūtė, Ramūnas Zilnys, Gabrielė Martirosian will present all this year’s worksand speak to this year’s Lithuanian acts and previous years’ representatives.

The songs of the participants who had to perform at Eurovision will also be reminded by the LRT TELEVISION program “Labas rytas, Lietuva”, which will broadcast this year’s performances during the Eurovision week.

This how the how the LRT Eurovision program will unwind next week:

Tuesday, May 12th : 9.30 p.m. Eurovision Song Contest. Stories you haven’t heard. ” LRT TELEVISION.

Thursday, May 14th : 9.30 p.m. concert, performances of the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. LRT TELEVISION.

Saturday, May 16th : 9 pm The Roop Concert EuROOPvision. LRT TELEVISION, LRT RADIO. – 10 pm Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light. Live broadcast from Hilversum, The Netherlands. Broadcast by LRT TELEVIZIJA, LRT RADIJAS and portal.


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