Lithuania: Monika Marija Paulauskaite to replace Erica Jennings in “Eurovizijos Atranka”

Lithuania: Monika Marija Paulauskaite to replace Erica Jennings in “Eurovizijos Atranka”

The “Eurovizijos Atranka” is Lithuania’s national contest through which the country’s representative  for this year’s Eurovision will be selected. Already knowing that Erica Jennings canceled her participation with the song “The Truth”, today things have been changed a lot. Monika Marija Paulauskaite eventually will replac Erica in  “Eurovizijos Atranka”.

About a month ago, Erica Jennings withdrew her candidacy from the Lithuanian national song contest because she decided that she did not want to make the Eurovision “trip” again. Having already “The Truth” released, the song she was nominated for in the contest,  she allowed any artist who wished to participate in the competition with the same song. Eventually there was a response to Erica’s appeal and  the “Lietuvos balsas” (The Voice of Lithuania)  winner ,Monika Marija Paulauskaite, decided to join “Eurovizijos Atranka” with “The Truth”.

Erica Jennings stated:

“I had previously announced that anyone wishing to participate in the national contest would be welcomed to interprete my song. Then I received a phone call and I was suggested to  give my song to Monika Marija. So we met at the “Žmonės” Awards and I noticed that she has a very nice voice and she  is serious and talented. I am  looking  forward to listening to my new song now. ”

Monika added:

“The talks for  Eurovision had begun when Lietuvos balsas was still in progress. But then I wanted to focus  exclusively on the show I participated in. I believe, in order to participate in a contest  like Eurovision,that  it is not enough just to have a good song. You need to have a more enthusiastic point of view, which takes a lot of time and work. That’s what I didn’t have due to my appearances and my heavy program and that’s why I never thought of participate in  Eurovision. ”

Finally, Monika stated that “The Truth” has taken a different style from what Erica had  given it.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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