Sasha Song who failed to turn up to the fourth show of Eurovizija 2019 has explained the reason behind not showing up.According to what Sasha Song stated to the TV3 the reason of withdrawal had to do with his song’s producer.

Precisely he said to TV3:

It is a pity, but I had to withdraw because of no reason for me – I didn’t get the right arrangement from the producer at the agreed time.”In addition, I received music only with vocals, and according to the Eurovision rules, singing with recorded vocals is not possible. At such an important event as Eurovision, I wanted to participate not only in creating a show that I was heavily prepared for, but also able to give the listener the highest quality music. Unfortunately, I do not want to participate in the presentation of the average score. So I had to withdraw.

Sasha did not contact producers to inform them of the coming development, and received a penalty of 2,000 euros by the Lithuanian national broadcaster. Sasha represented Lithuania at the contest in 2009 with his song “Love”, placing 23rd in the Grand Final.

Source: TV3