Lithuania: The Roop to compete in the 2021 Eurovision national selection

Lithuania: The Roop to compete in the 2021 Eurovision national selection

The Lithuanian ESC 2020 representatives, The Roop, have confirmed their intention to compete in the Lithuanian national selection for Eurovision 2021. 

The Roop are coming back one of the ESC 2020 favorites, are ready to make their big comeback to Eurovision , as the they confirned via their social media account that they will be competing in the Lithuanian national selection for the ticket that will give them a second chance to complete their Eurovision journey. 

The group stated on their instagram account:

The question we were hearing since spring will be answered now – we decided to take part in the National Eurovision selection. We have a song and we have a vision. Let’s hope it will become Euro-vision.

Pabandom iš naujo

The national broadcaster, LRT, has opted for next year’s Eurovision to hold once again the national selection format of Pabandom iš naujo.

The selection, as last year, will not take longer than 6 shows to get carefully selected, professionally presented works on the air. Depending on the number of participants selected, there may be fewer shows.

All stages will be monitored by an audit company. Artists or bands can only appear with one track. The commission’s work, which was tested last year, will continue this year: it will observe the selection in another, non-selection, studio: as is the case with the international Eurovision Song Contest. The members of the Commission will sign a declaration of impartiality.

As last year, the selection process will be overseen by a working group led by Gytis OganauskasVytautas Bikus, whose songs have been performed many times at the grand Eurovision Song Contest, will join her this year. This working group will have until 23 December. will select participants for the national selection shows and inform the participants. The first release will be released on January 16th.


Lithuania has debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest  in 1994 and since then has a total of  20 appearances. On its first participation,  Ovidijus Vyšniauskas finished last, receiving zero points. Lithuania withdrew from the contest and did not come back until 1999. LT United’s 6th place in 2006 with the song “We Are the Winners” is Lithuania’s best result in the contest. The country achieved one more top ten result in 2016, when Donny Montell finished 9th with “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night”.

In 2018 the country was represented by  Ieva Zasimaskaite with her emotional ballad song When We’re Old, which finished 12th in the grand final. In 2019 national final winner,  Jurij Veklenko defended the Lithuanian colors in Tel Aviv with the song Run With The Lions, but failed to qualify to the final left in the 11th place of the second semi final.

This year The Roop had won the national final with their song “On fire” but never made it to the Eurovision stage after the Eurovision 2020 cancellation due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  •  News Source/Image : instagram/The Roop

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