Lithuania: THE ROOP will fly the flag in Rotterdam performing “On fire”

Lithuania: THE ROOP will fly the flag in Rotterdam performing “On fire”

The Lithuanian national selection reached to its end this evening with the final show of Pabandom iš naujo, which crowned winner the group  THE ROOP and their entry “On Fire”, who will represent the country in Rotterdam next May. 

The show was  hosted by  Gabrielė Martirosian and Giedrius Masalskis, alongside with the ESC 2018 Lithuanian, Ieva ZasimauskaitėThe show opened with last year’s ESC representatice Jurij Veklenko performing his entry “Run with the Lions” which was last year’s national final winner.

In this year’ s national selection we saw a total of 36 candidates competing which after 3 qualifying rounds and 2 semi final rounds led to the final 8 acts to compete in this evening’s final show:

The 8 acts that took the stage were:









The final outcome of the show was determined 50% by public votes and 50% by a jury . Today the members of the jury were unveiled and were different from the ones in the qualifying rounds and the semi finals. Namely, the 11 member jury consisted of  Ramūnas Zilnys, Leonas Somovas, Vaidotas Stackevičius, Viktoras Diawara, Gerūta Griniūtė, Justė Arlauskaitė-Jazzu, Aistė Smilgevičiūtė, Simona Albavičiūtė-Bandita, Zita Kaminska, Myles Jessop and Anthony Marshall.

Further below you see the split voting and the overall results of tonight’s national final : 

Draw Artist Song Jury Public Total Place
Votes Points Televote Points
1 Aistė Pilvelytė “Unbreakable” 62 5 6479 8 13 4
2 Rūta Loop “We Came From The Sun” 75 7 1528 6 13 5
3 KaYra “Alligator” 47 4 1109 5 9 6
4 Monika Marija “If I Leave” 87 8 5439 7 15 3
5 Meandi “DRIP” 63 6 467 3 9 7
6 THE ROOP “On Fire” 128 12 34585 12 24 1
7 The Backs “Fully” 42 3 687 4 7 8
8 Moniqué “Make Me Human” 101 10 10366 10 20 2

Therefore this is the entry that will be representing Lithuania at Eurovision 2020:

Angelo D.

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