Lithuania: The song “This Time” chosen for Vienna

Lithuania:  The song “This Time” chosen for Vienna

The seventh show of Eurovizija 2015 determined that the song that will represent Lithuania in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna will be This Time.

Initionally a total of 12 song were selected to  compete in Eurovizija 2015.Each week, the public were asked to vote for their favourite songs via an online poll on the LRT website but only three songs were able to take part in the final . So it came down to Dangerous (S.O.S), This time and The right way. Eventually, This time prevailed and will me the one to hear on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

Next week,  in Eurovizija 2015 Vaidas, Monika or Mia will compete to be the one to sing This Time on the Eurovision stage in Vienna.

Angelo D.

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