Lithuania’s First Rehearsal.

Lithuania’s First Rehearsal.

Next on stage is the group Fusedmarc representing Lithuania with their entry “Rain of Revolution”. The group with its first album became really popular in Lithuania, winning many music awards and performing in several countries as France, UK, Germany, Austria and Belgium. The song was composed by two of the three group members,  Viktorija Ivanovskaja and Denisas Zujevas, but by Michail Levin too.

Just before getting on stage they stated very happy and full of energy that they are getting on stage cause the feel it like home.


During the rehearsal the female singer wears a red dress as she did in the national final performance. The whole setting is illuminated with red and black colors and a big heart on the back ground screen beats to the rythm of the song.

Take a look below to Lithuania”s first rehearsal video:



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