Lithuania’s First rehearsal

Lithuania’s First rehearsal

And after Kaliopi, we have Donny Montell again (Baku 2012) from Lithuania.  I’ve been Waiting for this Night is the title of the song, and the hole Europe is waiting for the ESC final night. Black backgroud and blue sky with stars  are the colours of the Lithouanian staging. Donny is alone on stage (like in 2012) dancing and jumps on a trampoline (there is also some smoke and pyrro effects)  when the song reaches the uptempo part.

Today’s outfit was a T-shirt and jeans. Vocally, was a little bit unstable when he was dancing and moving around the stage.

In 2012, he finished 14th in the Grand final, but this year he wants to win the contest. Is he capable of winning? Who knows…..




Stefanos Charpantidis

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