Live from Arena Gliwice: Junior Eurovision 2019 first rehearsals continue with the second set of 9 countries

Live from Arena Gliwice: Junior Eurovision 2019 first rehearsals continue with the second set of 9 countries

The Junior Eurovision 2019 rehearsals continued today at Gliwice Arena with the second set of competing acts taking the stage for the first time to rehearse their entries. In Day 2 of rehearsals we saw Ukraine open Day 2 followed by The Netherlands, Spain, Serbia, Wales, Russia, Portugal , Poland and with North Macedonia closing this day’s rehearsals. 

We remind you that up to today the rehearsals are not open to the press and all impression are made through the information that we get from EBU and TVP.


Sophia Ivanko from Ukraine, opened day 2  rehearsing for the first time her entry  The Spirit of Music. Sophia appears alone on stage and the LED background is dominated by purple, blue and black colors.  Hundreds of diamonds or pieces of broken glass float on the backdrop image, moving outwards leaving a 3D impression of motion. Her vocal our powerful enough to express the message of the song that talks about our inner strength.


Dutch delegate Matheu is up next on stage with his first rehearsal of Dans Met Jou. Matheu is joined on stage by four energetic dancers. The stage turns into an urban park where motiona and dancing figure dominate the performance.The  LED backdrop shows trees and displays a big city neighborhood full of skyscrapers. Matheu and the four dancers interact on a metal climbing frame and a park bench throughout the perfomance. Matheu wears a shiny red jacket, white shirt and black jeans while  red and black are the colors of the backing dancers’ clothes. Although the choreography of the upbeat song is demanding Matheu appears vocally firm despite all the interaction and motion going on.



Melani Garcia follows with her first rehearsal of  Marte taking us to under the sea secene.

Melani performs her song on a podium and is joined on stage by four backing vocalists. All five of them wear identical white clothes. The LED background takes us to the depth of the ocean and under sea life, while nets filled with empty bottles are projected on the two sides of the stage all adding up to convey the environmental message of the song. Melani’s vocals are amazing and contribute to pass the strong message her songs delivers to the audience.


Darija Vračević was next on stage with her song Podigni Glas (Raise Your Voice) one more entry to outline the need of environmental protection.

Young Darija appears alone on stage dressed in a open brown colored dress. In front of her yellow and red colors dominate the stage while the background screen dipalys images of rain pouring in, in a stormy landscape, implying the danger our planet is in as the environmental balance is fading. As the performance unfolds a less dramatic scene unwinds on the background with more brighter colors, images of trees and flower to contradict the previous dramatic scene and outline the beauty nature offers us, a reason why we should protect it. Powerful vocals that certainly suit the whole aspect and the message the song want to pass.



Erin Mai from Wales is next to make her   debute rehearsal of Calon yn Curo (Hear beating) on the Arena Gliwice stage.

This performance is literally what the song title talks about. The LED backdrop is dominated by heart images while tha song’s titles is diplayed in both Welsh and English on the background screen. Erin  is dressed in a black top and high-waisted red skirt gown. In the middle of the song  four female dancers  appear on stage in black dungarees whole their tops are colored in pink, yellow , orange and green. Another impressive vocal performance and Erin delivers the song effortlessly.



Up next to rehearse was the Russian duo Tatyana Mezhentseva and Denberel Oorzhak  with their empowering song A Time For Us .

The Russian duo performs dressed  in similar outfits but in different colours, Tatyana in white and Denberel in gold. Their belts and boots match and their overall image resemble to that of a spaceman and spacewoman, fitting in the whole stage concept with the dark sky backdrop full of stars. Their song through an optimistic tone is an open call to save the world , declaring our capacity to make the world a better place. Vocally very good the match in harmony needed to convey their save the world message.


It was time for Joana Almeida  from Portugal to rehearse her entry entitles Vem Comigo (Come With Me)

Joana performs throughtout the song alone on stage, dressed in a black top and light-brown coloured skirt. The LED screen on the background switches to different bright colors: pink, purple, blue and red. Key lyrics of the song a displayed on the backdrop screen , “Together We’re Strong”, “Nature Is Our Mother”, “Come With Me” and “Let’s Make It Happen Now all aiming to convey the inspirational message of the song to the audience. Joana delivers her song strongly with firm vocals that outline the uplifting tone of the song.


Up Next was the host country’s representative Viki Gabor to rehearse her entry Superhero .

Viki appears on stage in a shiny rather futuristic-looking outfit, which combines silver and green colour. She is joined on stage by five dancers, two boys and three girls, dressed in different colored suits, purple, green, red , pink and blue. 2 of the dancers spent time on each side of the stage using sign language to strengthen the song’s message. All the performance is set with a light blue backdrop and the LED screen displaying the melting ices of the poles , outlining the environmental message of the entry.


Last to rehearse but not least is North Macedonia’s delegate Mila Moskov with her entry Fire

Mila wears a black pantsuit with orange accents matching the stage’s domination by flames and fire.  LED screen begin displaying images of a tree in a dark colored scenery while during the chorus a fireball explodes in the center of the tree. Intensive fire graphics dominates the background combined with pyrotechnics.


Tommorrow the rehearsal move on to their 3rd Day with the countries starting their second run of rehearsals.


Angelo D.

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