Live from Arena Gliwice – Junior Eurovision 2019 Rehearsals Day 3: First set of countries continue with second rehearsals (continuous update)

Live from Arena Gliwice – Junior Eurovision 2019 Rehearsals Day 3: First set of countries continue with second rehearsals (continuous update)

We have reached Day 3 of rehearsals in Arena Gliwice for Junior Eurovision 2019! Today the first set of 10 countries continue with their second run of rehearsals just three days before the final live show on Sunday, November 24. 


Albania opens today’s second run of rehearsals with Isea Çili performing once more ‘Mikja ime fëmijëri’ .  Once again we see the  backdrop with colourful cartooned images of rainbows   bringing back all the the innocent years of childhood. Isea delivers another performance with stunning vocals.


Up next is Karina Ignatyan from Armenia with her four dancers taking the stage for the secnd rehearsal of Colours of Your Dream.  The violet floral pattern dominate once again the stage’s background lookign like a snow fal effect while Karina gives us another captivating vocal performance.


Australian delegate Jordan Anthony alongside with his dancer and piano takes the stage to rehearse for a second run his entry “We Will Rise”. Omce again we enjoy Jordan performing sitting playing the piano wile by the end of the song his dancers join him on stage. Orange, purple and blue color feature his background scenery.


Liza Misnikova with her dancers take the stage for the second rehearsal of the  song ‘Pepelny (Ashen). Perhaps one of the most energetic, colorful and full in motion performances.


After the break its Carla again for France for her second rehearsal of “Bim Bam’ qui”. Another energetic performing by Carla who is for sure conveying to the audience the uptempo beat of the song. The huge phrases phrase like ‘BIM BAM BOOM’ popping  up on the backround screen alongside with the  four dancers who hold umbrellas during the upbeat part of the song give an dynamic dimension to the whole presentation of the song.


Giorgi Rosiashvili take the stage next to make his second rehearsal of  We Need Love. Giorgi is back with his floating hearts on the background and colorful scenery demonstrating the night sky of stars, planets, spinning suns and a full moon. And the highlight of the performance the hundred Heart baloons that fly all over the stage and further more declaring what the song is all about …we all need love !!


Anna Kearney from Ireland is back for her second rehearsal of her song  Banshee. Wearing a tule dress and headband in combination with the seasonal beackround with orange and gold color for Autumn and white snow for the winter scenery, make her as she had came out of a fairytale. Another great vocal performance by Anna.


Marta Viola from Italy takes the stage for the second rehearsal of  La Voce Della Terra.  Bright, swirling colors on the background screen and amazing vocals contribute to showcase Marta’s message for our earth.


Yerzhan Maxim takes next the stage for his second rehearsal  of  ‘Armanyńnan Qalma’ in front of a sky full  stars and fountains  projecting water to the top of the LED screen. Yerzhan has with him 4 dancers. However, either the background nor the dancers matter in his case, it’s all about his amazing voice that as he performs his song urges the audience to Dream on ! Stunning vocal once again !!


Eliana Gomez Blanco from Malta closes today’s rehearsals  at Arena Gliwice, making her second rehearsal of  her entry We Are More. Eliana delivers another impressive performance especially when she hit those high notes. The pink, purple and blue default on the stage swtiches into shades of red as the song progresses while key phrases on the LED screen pass her promising strong message.

Continuous live update ……….


Angelo D.

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