Eurovision 2018: The dress rehearsal of the first semifinal

Eurovision 2018: The dress rehearsal of the first semifinal

The dress rehearsal currently taking place at the Altice Arena could be called a general rehearsal. The rehearsal is open to journalists, but it is also shown live at the Press Center, just as we will see it tomorrow live. Stay tuned in our article which will be updated every time to bring you everything that’s happening in Altice Arena. Of course once the  videos are available, they will be added below.

A simple start with the four presenters to welcome us to Lisbon and explain how we voted.

1. Azerbaijan

Wonderful start for the first semifinal, with a spectacular stage show. Dry ice, wind machine, futuristic mountains, good vocals, special TV effects and a certain qualification for Azerbaijan this year.

2. Iceland

Close-ups for Iceland. Ari  wears a white suit with red hues. Vocals are very good. Simple presentation by a good singer. Unfortunately, the qualification is difficult, in the first semifinal, with increased competition, Iceland may say goodbye to us this year too.

3. Albania

Eugent performs the “Mall” very well  once again. Red lights and lots of rock energy on stage. Female vocals are a bit stronger today than before.

4. Belgium

A controversila entry. While the song is liked  enough, Sennek has no consistent voice performance. Unfortunately, she does not even manage to reach the high notes of the chorus. In the end, she arrives in front of the stage and completes her appearance in the way it starts. Big applause.

5. Czech Republic

Mikolas seems to have overcome his problems since his recent injury, although he is not moving so freely yet. He stays upright and makes small movements. A beautiful presence though. On the bridge the two dancers go by and make a small choreography. Smoke and a small jump in the end by him. The biggest applause so far.

6. Lithuania

Ieva starts sitting down, wears her pink dress while the camera shows the audience behind. She rises on the bridge for the  second chorus, while the lighting makes it even more mystical. We see the holograms with the various couples, while her husband and her husband are finally singing in Lithuanian.

Small Break:

The camera goes to Aisel where the presenter asks her to play a little on the piano. Playing with a children’s piano.

7. Israel

The big favorite. It starts with while shortly before the chorus the music stops and the rehearsal will start again from the beginning due to technical problems. Second attempt for Netta, vocals continue not to  sound very well. Yellow, red lights, fireworks, bourbons and whatever else you can imagine. The Israelis are determined to win and maybe they can do it! Shortly before, Israeli public television reporters told us that if they were willing to do so, it was time to organize it in Jerusalem.

8. Belarus

Alekseev starts his performance with the rose and the trick with the camera and the dancer, but it may be difficult to be properly attributed to the viewers. Vocals are not bad. He has a lot of trouble. Rosewoods on our screens. .

9. Estonia

The second big favorite is on stage now. The Estonians found the money for Elina’s stage show  and they are able to bring the award for the second time in their country. The absence of led screens gives an advantage to those countries that have their own equipment and of course Estonia is one of these countries. Panoramic shots and wonderful vocals. The finale is fixed. The biggest applause so far.

10. Bulgaria

Impressive staging for Equinox by Sacha Jean Baptiste. There is nothing in the vocals to comment negatively. Black and green lights, enough smoke, many changes in camera shots. Pretty applause.


Technical problems in FYROM’s rehearsal. They stop and start rehearsing again and again. Finally, the reason was that they wanted to record the first 10 seconds to appear from another stage point. Best vocals of all times.

12. Croatia

Franka is gorgeous and one of the most  sexy appearances of the semifinal! Will this be enough to qualify?

Break again:

The camera this time goes to Alekseev from Belarus where they ask him to show his hands, since at his appearance he is supposed to have been injured.

13. Austria

Full jury and radio friendly song . Cesar is both handsome and very good singer. He will need the support of the juries to qualify to the final.

14. Greece

The rehearsal begins with technical problems again, there is a delay, while the director says something about lighting. The blue hand is not so obvious today. But finally, the direction went as planned by the Greek delegation. Gianna drives the lights and the smoke with the movements and hands. Dry ice on the bridge of the song. Fireworks and smoke jets. An impressive stage show.

15. Finland

Lights, dancers, colorful costumes, fireworks and Saara Aalto that, she said, has finally made her dream come true. Let’s see..

16. Armenia

Another entry that is not in English. Smoke and beautiful lights for Armenia.

17. Switzerland

Swiss in a rock mood. Smoke here too! In the end, they also light up a firework that they hold in their hands. Difficult to qualify for the first winner of the contest.

18. Ireland

Pretty applause for Ireland that while it did not initially convince, today it seems to be more liked. Proper vocals and a sweet presentation.

19. Cyprus

Eleni Foureira performs another impressive stage show. There is a technical mistake on the bridge, where the fireworks do not appear to the left and right, but a little above. Huge applause in the end.

Then we see the voting numbers and the medley with the 19 entries.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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