Eurovision 2018: The Jury show of the First Semi Final was completed

Eurovision 2018: The Jury show of the First Semi Final was completed

50% of tomorrow’s results will be judged after the interpretations in front of the jury currently taking place at the Altice Arena. Stay tuned in INFE by simply updating the article for everything that happens in the crusial Jury Show.

The Jury Rehearsal starts with an introductory clip for Portugal, followed by the four presenters, the first time all women.

1. Azerbaijan

The audience applauds during the song, while Aisel is more beautiful than ever. Applause from the public as soon as the four performers who accompany her on the vocals are also Portuguese! The video effect on the bridge is more intense. Big applause for “X My Heart”.

2. Iceland

Another very nice interpretation by Ari Olafsson. Comfortable and smiling, in a song quite old-fashioned. Bright reaction, for a talented artist, with an indifferent song.

3. Albania

Perhaps best man performer of this year’s contest.He asks the world for clapping on the chorus and it gives it generously. Unbelievable interpretation and perhaps a possible surprise in tomorrow’s semifinal.

4. Belgium

Applause at the press center even before Sennek starts singing. Perhaps the first time Sennek is singing the chorus, without losing the tone. A very big applause for Belgium, which seems to eventually overcome the semifinals.

5. Czech Republic

The first big favorite of the evening, since there are few who believe that next year we will travel to Prague. Very good direction and rotation of planes. Mikolas, due to his recent injury, does not make intense moves. Nonetheless, he is charismatic and talented, since he gives a beautiful interpretation of his participation. Pretty applause.

6. Lithuania

After the Czech dance, the slowest song of this year’s contest.Ieva, in a truly dreamlike setting, sings the song unimaginably. It takes a lot of applause in both intensity and duration. I expect certain qualification.

Break time

7. Israel

The big favorite is next. They have brought everything on stage. Fireworks, fires, smoke, bubbles, false cats and more that you will see tomorrow and you will understand. Netta has corrected the mistakes she faced at dress rehearsal. Big applause for Israel.

8. Belarus

We also have a Greek presence in Belarus, since Alex Panagi is in charge of vocal teaching for Alekseev. Theatricality, but also television effects for Belarus, but which appears after Israel. Pretty applause nevertheless.

9. Estonia

The Estonians have told us that they want to organize the competition next year and seem able to do it, since they have a very good singer with a stunning stage appearance. “La Forza”  gets very big applause.

10. Bulgaria

We have another contrast now. After the occupational Estonia, we go to the dark “Bones” of Bulgaria. Fabulous interpretations by Equinox and a really dark stage presence. Great applause here too.


Eye Que seems to have resolved also the technical problems they had at noon. A pretty radio track and a good show, but they had the misfortune to be drawn into the first semi-final.

12. Croatia

It is difficult to take your eyes over Franka and tomorrow you will understand exactly why. What we have said  about the previous participation unfortunately is valid here as well.

Break time

13. Austria

Another radio song, from a country last loved by the juries. The Austrians have brought their own construction, which is quite impressive. They also have holograms with Ceasar’s face. In the song’s bridge he descends from the bridge and sings in front of the audience. Austria will fight to qualify.

14. Greece

Yianna’s hand is again painted blue. The light and hand effect succeeded for the first time, though they are hidden by the fireworks in the second verse. Strong applause for Greecey. Changes in relation to noun rehearsals are that fireworks are now in the second verse, while on the bridge and at the end we only have dry ice and smoke. Astonishing voice and performance from the Greek Goddess, Yianna, as expected!

15. Finland

Saara Aalto seems to bring Finland to the final after four years. Vocal is also full-bodied, and the visual result is not lagging behind.

16. Armenia

A participation in the national language of the country. Sevak is very good vocally, with a song that will need the votes of Armenians of the diaspora to be in the final.

17. Switzerland

Next  is Switzerland. Energy and passion on the stage. Can Zibbz surprise us tomorrow? So far we do not believe it, but it is not impossible anymore.

18. Ireland

After Lithuania,Ireland  is the quietest song of the show. Very nice director, and Ryan is a very good performer. Another dark horse for qualifying.

19. Cyprus

Big applause for Eleni’s appearance on stage. Little directing mistakes in the rehearsal do no longer exist. Great response from the audience during the song.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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