London Eurovision Party 2018: Who will be the first guest?

London Eurovision Party 2018: Who will be the first guest?

Striking news came out a few hours ago  when we were informed who will be the first guests to attend the London Eurovision Party 2018. The London Eurovision Party will be held for the eleventh consecutive year on Thursday, April 5, at Café de Paris in Leicester Square. Tickets pre-sale will be on-line and will begin on February 10th.

The first guests who confirmed their appearance at London Eurovision Party 2018 are Madame Monsieur! This group has recently announced that it will represent France in Lisbon with the song “Mercy”. So Madame Monsieur will give us a beautiful interpretation of Mercy as well as many other songs.

This year’s show will be presented by Nicki French and Paddy O’Connell. It is worth mentioning that Nicki French represented United Kingdom at Eurovision in 2000 with the song “Do not Play That Song Again” (16th place with 28 points).

The organizers of the London Eurovision Party, Kabir Naidoo and Russell Davies, have rushed to make statements to share with us their gratitude and enthusiasm for this year’s show and presenters. More specifically, Russell Davies stated:

“The London Eurovision Party fans  will love the interpretations of well-known songs that Nicki French will give us, but also the special humor of Paddy O’Connell, which entertains his audience every time.”

Kabir Naidoo added:

“There was no smarter move than to assign the presentation to these two again. This move will give us a successful show for another year. “

As mentioned earlier, the London Eurovision Party ticket sale will begin on February 10 via Ticketweb. The production of the show has explicitly stated that no one should trust a reseller, as Tickeweb is the  main and official page for tickets .

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